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TopMath - Mathematics with Integrated Doctorate Program

TopMath is a doctoral program in mathematics with a research-oriented Elite Master within the Elite Network of Bavaria and offers outstanding Bachelor’s graduates the opportunity to pursue their doctorate directly after completing their Bachelor’s degree.

TopMath supports students in the field of pure and applied mathematics, as well as related areas of informatics. The broad spectrum of internationally renowned professors at the Technical University of Munich and University of Augsburg give TopMath students many opportunities to pursue their interests in research. 

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Structure of the TopMath Program

The structure of the TopMath Program consists of:

  • Elite Master Study Program in Mathematics (PreDoc- and Masterphase)


  • Doctoral Program in Mathematics (Doctoralphase)

TopMath begins with enrollment on a research-oriented elite Master’s course. The first two semesters (PreDoc phase) are usually devoted to finding and becoming involved in challenging research-oriented work in mathematics and preparing participants for the transition to the doctoral program. In this phase, students follow a tailor-made curriculum comprising of lectures, seminars and individual research. From the beginning, they are integrated into the scientific community by their mentoring professor.

From the second year of study onwards, the elite Master’s program and the doctoral program are completed simultaneously.

After these two years, TopMath students are expected to complete their Master’s thesis and concentrate on their doctoral project, which usually takes another four semesters.

Documents Elite Program TopMath

Information on the design of the program can be found in the program documentation (in German).

Study regulations dated February 23.02.2018:

Study regulations dated December 12.12.2022 ("SPO in der Fassung der 4. Änderungssatzung"):

SPO in der Fassung der 4. Änderungssatzung (German only)

PhD studies with parallel Masters Hons. (1st July 2014/7th April 2016)

Documents Graduate Center CIT

Statute GC-CIT (German only):

Supervision agreement GC-CIT (German only):

Who can be your TopMath mentor?

You can choose from: 

Applications for TopMath

As TopMath has reached the maximum funding period for programs within the Elite Network of Bavaria, the last TopMath cohort will start its studies in the winter semester 2022/23. Applications are therefore no longer possible.


TopMath Board

The TopMath-Board is responsible for the professional supervision of the programm. This executive committee specifically ensures the expertise of all persons who are involved in this project, and their compliance with the requirements of the curriculum. It is also in charge of the further development of TopMath.

Members of the TopMath-Board:

Coordination and Advisory Service

For the coordination of the program, quality control measures, organization of workshops, and seminars during vacation within the network of the participating universities and research institutions, as well as the coordination of activities aimed to provide interdisciplinary basic knowledge, the following persons are responsible:

Student and doctoral representatives

Since October 1st, 2022, the student and doctoral student representatives of the elite program TopMath are:

  • Chris Dong (also doctoral representative at the TUM School of Computation, Information and Technology)
  • Katja Ettmayr

The student and doctoral representatives of the elite program are invited to the meetings of the TopMath Board as guests.

Integration within the TUM Graduate School

The former Thematic Graduate Center TopMath (TGC TopMath) has been part of the Graduate Center of the TUM School of Computation, Information and Technology since October 1st, 2022. The Graduate Center CIT (GC-CIT) is integrated into the TUM Graduate School (TUM-GS).

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