Master's Mathematics in Science and Engineering

Are you attracted to the way of thinking in the engineering and natural sciences? Do you want to convert problems in the field into mathematical models? Then why not use mathematics to take up the challenge of putting innovative ideas into practice, and drive research and development forward? In the Mathematics in Science and Engineering Master’s program you learn everything in four semesters that you need to work in the interdisciplinary field of software and technology, in development departments at large corporations, as well as at research institutes specializing in the natural and engineering sciences.

Major fields of study

Areas such as mathematical model building, numerical analysis, applied analysis, optimization, stochastics and informatics are all central to the Mathematics in Science and Engineering Master’s program. Having chosen an associated area of application in the engineering or natural sciences, students acquire solid foundational knowledge that prepares them for future work in interdisciplinary teams. Seminars on topics such as rhetoric and presentation techniques are also permanent components of this Master’s program. 

Profile: The essentials for the Master's program

Educational requirements

The prerequisite for the TUM Master´s program "Mathematics in Science and Engineering" is an accredited university degree in Mathematics, Engineering Mathematics, Physics, or a comparable degree program and the proof of appropriate competencies, as specified in the check list to the right. If you fail to meet these conditions only by a narrow margin, points will be deducted during the application process. If the commission thinks that there is too much content missing, your application will be rejected.

Check List

You should have acquired the following competencies before your application:

Required Mathematical Basics from the Bachelor's Degree Program

Language requirements

Your Language of Instruction

In case the language of instruction during your undergraduate study was not English, you will need a language certificate (see Check List)  before the end of the application period.

Check List

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