Professional Internship

The first step on the career ladder

During both the Bachelor's and the Master's programs, mathematics students at TUM must complete a professional internship or an equivalent term of professional activity. This offers a great opportunity, as an internship ensures insights into the diverse professional roles and sectors in which mathematicians can work. It can also generate contacts to potential employers. Most importantly, students enhance their applicant profile by completing internships. 

Professional Internship and Internship Seminar

Participation in the Internship Seminar is compulsory for the Professional Internship Module (MA8101, MA8102, MA8103) in all degree programs at the Department of Mathematics. The seminar is an opportunity for students to share their experiences and discuss their professional internships with one another. In their oral presentations or in their report, students talk about the content of their internships, their duties and responsibilities, as well as the application process and business environment.

Components and recognition

The Internship Module consists of three parts: seminar points or evaluation points, oral presentation or report, and the professional internship itself, including a certificate of completion from the company. So it may extend over several semesters. Once successful completion of all three parts has been verified, we proceed with credit recognition for the module in TUMonline. Please allow a few days for the review process. After this brief period, you can then view your account and grade report in TUMonline to see whether the module has been recognized.


Dr. Kathrin Ruf

Dr. Kathrin Ruf

Coordination and recognition

Currently no consultations at my office at TUM!

Please contact me by e-mail and use the function adresse:

internship (at)

Internship Seminar

Paul Bergold, Kathrin Ruf,
For report days in English only: Ángela Capel, Cambyse Rouzé

Important Information on Internship Seminar

Wichtige Informationen

Question time on modifications and processes

If you have any questions about the modifications and the procedure, Kathrin Ruf will be available via video conference on Monday, April 20, 2020 from 16:00 - 16:30 (access data in Moodle). Alternatively, you can also ask questions in the internship seminar chat.

Presentation dates

All further presentation dates in the summer semester 2020 are now open for registration. 
Please note the information on  the closure of registrations.

Dates for the upcoming semester will always be unlocked during the semester break.

Days with English reports only

Since we have more and more non-German speaking students, we have organized one purely English reporting day per week in the coming summer semester. This will give everyone the opportunity to attend enough reports at a time, exchange ideas and to receive seminar points or evaluation points. Here you can find the list with all upcoming topics. Since German language skills are required for many jobs in Germany, we strongly recommend that international students improve their German language skills during their studies.

Last day of registration for reports in summer semester 2020

29. Dezember

Last day of registration is 14 June, 2020

If you want to submit a report in the Internship Seminar during the summer semester 2020 you must register at the latest by 14 June, 2020, using the form provided here. In the event that all slots are already booked, please send an email to Dr. Kathrin Ruf by 14 June, 2020 at the latest.

Open slots can still be booked after the last day of registration but additional slots will no longer be offered.

Vocational orientation and Seminar points: Why attend the Internship Seminar?

The Internship Seminar offers students the opportunity to exchange experiences from their professional internships. Further, application tips and other important information concerning companies are discussed. Registration is required only for your own presentation or report, but you must be registered for the Moodle course.

Modification in summer semester 2020

The internship seminar takes place as an online seminar in Moodle (access via registration for the course "Internhip Seminar" in TUMonline).

Instead of oral presentations, authors present short video reports or written reports, which are accessible for all participants 2 full working days before the report date. The reports remain accessible after the report day, too.

On the day of the report there is a time of presence from 16:00-16:45, where the authors are available to the participants for questions and for mutual exchange in the chat. You shouldn't miss this chance to get additional first-hand experience and tips and to make contacts!

After you have viewed or read the reports, you can use a feedback form to evaluate the report until 23:59 on the day of the report in order to receive evaluation points for seminar points. If we get the impression that this evaluation is not sensible - i.e. apparently you have not sufficiently dealt with the report - you will not receive any evaluation points. Since the reports in the summer semester are much shorter than the usually held oral presentations, one evaluation point is equivalent to half a seminar point.

Take advantage of the time flexibility and the possibility to view or read and evaluate individual reports only.

Professional Internship: What is required?

Students should gain genuine professional experience during their studies – proof of this is compulsory in all degree programs. As such, it is initially of little importance whether this is gained as a student worker or intern, as an apprentice, or in connection with an occupation taken up independently.

The following aspects are considered in the review for recognition:

Internships or occupations practiced as a student worker can be undertaken at several different employers, either on a full- or part-time basis. The type of employment contract and whether it is a compulsory or voluntary internship is immaterial for the purposes of recognition. However, in order to qualify, the conditions of employment must amount to a total of at least 4 weeks full-time work.

An internship encompassing at least 4 weeks of full-time practical professional activity is compulsory for all Bachelor's and Master’s programs. Bachelor's students whose internships exceed this duration, can have surplus hours recognized toward a subsequent Master's program, providing that the accomplishments are of Master’s standard. Tip: An internship period of just four weeks is often too short for many companies. Being available for longer periods increases your chances of finding a suitable internship, and the potential to be involved in more interesting tasks is also greater. 

Please note that a sufficient level of German language proficiency is needed for many jobs.

If you apply for recognition for your activities as a student worker or for part-time employment, the number of working hours should equate to 4 weeks of full-time work (ca. 160 hours).

For longer internships during the lecture period, you can apply for a leave of absence at the Student Service Center - Student Admission (You need an aproval of the department. Please send an email with your data and study program to the Infopoint Mathematik.).

The activities and tasks completed during the internship must be relevant to your degree program, that is, have a mathematical context or a context relating to one of the minor subjects, Informatics, Physics, Economics, or Electrical Engineering. For example, employment involving the application of knowledge of numerical analysis, stochastics, optimization, computer algebra or similar. As a rule, placements at consultancies can be recognized despite the lack of a direct connection to mathematics. This is because the field does hold potential for mathematicians and draws upon mathematicians’ soft skills. 

Merely using commercial programs such as EXCEL or exclusively creating web pages is insufficient for an professional internship to be recognized, as is the simple dissemination of school knowledge of mathematics, tutoring or teaching. Purely administrative tasks or research internships without any clear application context are also insufficient. Any doubts? Then send an email in advance, containing a short description of the prospective tasks, toKathrin Ruf.

Students enrolled in the Mathematics in Data Science Master's program must be able to prove the completion of a professional internship lasting at least 6 weeksfull-time or work experience of the same duration as a student worker or self-employment in this area.

If you seek credit recognition for vocational education and training you have already completed, please send copies of all relevant certificates to Kathrin Ruf.

Need assistance with a job search or application?

Take advantage of our Career Services.

Internship abroad?

Contact Carola Jumpertz or check the information on "paths abroad".

Generell information on Internship abroad.

Verification of compulsory internship

To verify to the company that an internship is a required component of your degree program, you can attach the following letter with your proof of enrollment:

Verification of compulsory internship

Professional Internship Certificate: What must be included?

To have your work experience or internship recognized, you must submit a copy of the certificate of completion from the company and any other necessary documents digitally as one single PDF by e-mail to internship (at) The certificate should include the following information:

  • your name and date of birth
  • duration of the internship
  • number of hours worked per week
  • name of the company (address if possible)
  • short description of activities
  • name and contact details of your internship advisor (should any queries arise)

The certificate must be issued on the company’s official letterhead or be stamped with the company's stamp. Points not listed must be documented when the certificate is handed in (e.g. weekly working hours by excerpt from the contract).

If will contact you if problems concerning the recognition occure or if we have further questions. Otherwise you won't recieve any message from us.

Having surplus weeks recognized

If you complete more than the number of weeks of internship required by the TUM Bachelor’s program in Mathematics, you can, in general, have these recognized toward the Master's degree program. To this end, Master's students should send a short email to the Infopoint Mathematics

Presentation or Report: What requirements do I need to consider?

Following your internship, you register for the Internship Seminar using our form below, in order to secure a slot for your presentation or report. This date (and the associated deadlines) is binding as an examination date. Should you nevertheless be prevented from presenting or reporting, you must immediately inform the contact person responsible, in emergencies no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled presentation or report presence time. Otherwise the module will be considered as failed.

Modification in Summer Semester 2020

Switching to the online seminar format requires some adjustments to the presentation on the internship and the subsequent group discussion in the internship seminar.

Documents to be submitted

Instead of an oral presentations, short video reports or written reports are to be produced, as well as a key fact sheet on the internship. In addition each author formulates 2 questions on the report, which are to be answered by the seminar participants in the feedback sheet.

The report, the key facts sheet and the questions on the report including short answers have to be submitted in Moodle and will be accessible for all course participants after the report has been activated. They stay accessible even after the report date.

The key facts form and further information can also be found in the Moodle course.


Uploading the documents in Moodle must be done no later than 3 full working days, i.e. 72 hours (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays not included!) BEFORE the presence time.
For example, in a normal working week, this deadline for a Wednesday report date is the Friday 16:00 before the report date. The deadlines for the individual reporting dates can be found here.

Presence time

The presence time is from 16:00-16:45 on the report day, i.e. the date for which you have registered for your presentation or report. During this time you, as the author of a report, are available to the participants for questions and for mutual exchange in the chat. This period is binding, analogous to the oral presentation date. Absence thus also results in failing the presentation/report.

Feedback on the report

After the report day, we are going to send you the anonymously submitted feedback sheets on your report. Please inform us if you have the impression that an evaluation is not sensible - i.e. if a participant has apparently not sufficiently dealt with the report.


  • 10-15 minutes, no longer!
  • MP4 format
  • readable and acoustically comprehensible
  • Content guidlines see below at "Content on the report"


Please do not upload the video as a file in Moodle! Please use Sync&Share, Gigamove or any other system and submit the link to download the video (as TXT or CSV) with the documents. We will then upload the video to Panopto and make it accessible for streaming in Moodle.

Tips and further information

No glossy video is expected. It is sufficient to see the slides (readable!) and hear you speak and explain (acoustically comprehensible).

The easiest way is probably to record your Powerpoint presentation, or to do a screencast.

Tips for producing videos can be found in In-depth assistance: produce your own instructional videos provided by ProLehre.

Please keep to the time limit! If necessary, shorten the report so that it has10 rather than 15 minutes.

The information you provide in the key facts sheet does not need to be mentioned in the report.


  • Format: DIN A4, 2cm margin, 11pt, line spacing1.5
  • Continuous text (complete sentences), Exceptions: figures/data/... can be displayed in tables
  • pure text content (without pictures, table, ...) 5 pages: of which
    • approx. 10-15% thematic block Company
    • approx. 10-15% thematic block Application
    • approx. 40-60% thematic block Internship
    • approx. 20-30% thematic block Conclusion and personal assessments
  • For thematic blocks and further contant guidelines see below at "Content on the report"
  • to be submittet as PDF

Tips and further information

The report does not have to be a glossy project like a thesis.

However, it is expected that the text is illustrated (like in a presentation) at appropriate points with pictures, graphics, tables, ... .

Structuring the report by using headlines and paragraphs is also desirable, as these make reading easier.

The information you provide in the key facts sheet does not need to be mentioned in the report.


  • 2 short questions related to your report
  • to answer it, active reading or viewing of the report is necessary, i.e.
    the answer cannot simply be found in the description (registration form), the key facts or via Google
  • a short answer each for the contact person responsible in the internship seminar
  • to be submittet as TXT or CSV


"What advice did I give regarding the application?"
"Why did I choose ... ?"
"What did I find particularly good on ... ?"
If not in the short description also: "Which algorithm/programming language did I use?" or "Which math. field did I deal with during my internship?", ...

Presenting or reporting twice?

Have you already delivered a presentation or report about a professional internship during your Bachelor’s mathematics program at the TUM? Then a second presentation or report during your Master's course is not necessary.

Report days and submission deadlines

Content of the presentation or report

There are 4 thematic blocks, all of which must be addressed appropriately. Your main focus should be on the thematic block internship and on the thematic block conclusion. The key points and questions listed below in the thematc blocks serve as an orientation for the design of these blocks. Give a SHORT general overview of each thematic block and then report more on this topic. Key questions may be:

  • Which information do you find particularly interesting?
  • What is particularly important to you to report on this topic?
  • What would you like to have known before the internship?
  • What could be of particular interest to your fellow students?
  • What should your fellow students know about this topic?
  • Is there any special information that one should definitely know?

The thematic blocks and suggestions as to what could be discussed in the individual thematic blocks are:


Registering your report in the Internship Seminar

Please fill out the form below to make a binding reservation for your presentation or report in the Internship Seminar. (Internal data is not displayed, your name is only visible up to and including the day of your presentation or report.) You won't receive a confirmation email. Your information on the presentation or report can be seen in the list of upcoming topics after successfull registration. Please note the deadline for registration!

Dates for the upcoming semester will always be unlocked during the semester break. During the semester further dates are going to be opened for registration. Last date in summer semester 2020 is expected to be 9 July, 2020.
Are there no slots available before the registration deadline? Please email to Kathrin Ruf.