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Summer semester 2022

Your study program is subdivided in modules, which consist of one or more lectures or seminars, which are coordinated in their themes and in the way the timetables are set. 

This is the preliminary overview for the summer semester 2022:

Undergraduate studies: compulsory courses

MA 0002, Analysis 2 (inkl Fragestunde), Zimmer

MA 0005/0006, Lineare Algebra 2 und Diskrete Strukturen - DS (inkl Fragestunde), Weltge

MA 0005/0006, Lineare Algebra 2 und Diskrete Strukturen - LA2 (inkl Fragestunde), Hoffmann

MA 0006, Mathematisches Studieren - HA-Hilfe

Undergraduate studies: advanced courses

MA 2006, Funktionentheorie, König

MA 2010, Algebra, Kemper

MA 2011, Geometrie, Hoffmann, Richter-Gebert

MA 2012, Einührung in die Optimierung, Wiese

MA 2404, Markovketten, Rolles

MA 3404, Statistical Computing (neu), Ankerst

Undergraduate studies: advanced courses / Master's program: basics

MA 3005, Partial Differential Equations, Friesecke

Master's program: basics

MA 3081, Dynamical Systems, Kühn

MA 3303, Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations, Vexler

MA 3408, Financial Mathematics 2, Zagst

MA 3602, Applications of Mathematical Biology, Kuttler

MA 4402, Computational Statistics (neu), Czado

MA 4405, Stochastic Analysis (neu), Berger Steiger

MA 4406, Probability on Graphs, Rolles

MA 4408, Markov Processes, Gantert

MA 4502, Combinatorial Optimization, Vaz

MA 4503, Modern Methods in Nonlinear Optimization, Ulbrich

MA 4512, Case Studies: Discrete Optimization, Ritter

MA 4513, Case Studies: Nonlinear Optimization, Lindemann

MA 4800, Foundations in Data Analysis, Krahmer

MA 4802, Statistical Learning, Theis

MA 5415, Quantitative Risk Management, Horvath

Master's program: advanced courses

MA 3241, Topology, Bauer

MA 3406, Insurance Mathematics 2, Conache

MA 4304, Computational Plasma Physics, Sonnendrücker

MA 5012, Operator Theory, Warzel

MA 5059, Gradient flows in metric spaces, Matthes

MA 5104, Kryptologie, Karpfinger

MA 5107, Algebraic Geometry, Liedtke

MA 5110, Algebraic Number Theory, Haution

MA 5134, Introduction to Group Representation Theory (JvN), Lorenz

MA 5144, Category Theory, Ziegler

MA 5234, Graph Theory, Rolle

MA 5952, Modern Approximation Theory, Vybiral

MA 5306, Random Matrices: Theory,  Numerical Methods,  and Applications, Bornemann

MA 5337, Advanced Finite Elements, Kovacs

MA 5340, Selected chapters from mathematical continuum mechanics, Alt, Witterstein

MA 5348, Numerical Methods for Uncertainty Quantification, Ullmann

MA 5356, Variational Inequalities with applications in Porous Media, Wohlmuth

MA 5430, Basic concepts in statistical models on graphs, Czado

MA 5432, Conformal mapping and probability, Berger Steiger

MA 5436, Random Graphs and Networks, Gantert

MA 5438, Quantum Statistical Inference, Wolf

MA 5442, High-dimensional Statistics, Drton

MA 5616, Case studies Life Science Mathematics, John, Kuttler, Müller,  Schlicke, Weiler

MA 5726, Case Studies in Insurance Mathematics, Graf, Ruß

MA 5734, Dependence Models Generated via Line Integrals and Actuarial Applications, Kolev

MA 5736, Stochastic Models for Tariff Calculation, Loss Reserving and Reinsurance and Their Applications, Quarg

MA 5902, A mathematical introduction to Magnetohydrodynamics, Maj

MA 5927, Compatible Finite Elements for Problems in Mixed Form, Campos Pinto

MA 5929, Identification of Artificial Neural Networks: from the analysis of one neuron to Deep Neural Networks, Fornasier

MA 5934, Optimal Transport, Friesecke

MA 5941, Self-interacting Random Walks and Statistical Physics (JvN), Tarres

MA 5942, Meromorphic Functions on the Riemann Sphere, Massopust

MA 5944, Models for Material Defects and Grain Boundaries (JvN), Garroni

MA 5950, Introduction to stochastic differential equations: theory and numerics, Tyranowski

MA 5952 Modern Approximation Theory, Vybiral

MA 5954, Harmonic Analysis, Vybiral

MA 8113, TUM Data Innovation Lab, Fornasier

John von Neumann Gastvorlesungen (JvN)

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