Minors in our Master's programs

You are required to attain a certain number of credits in minor modules for some of our Master’s programs.

  • For the Master’s programs in Mathematics (the minor is optional here), Mathematical Finance and Actuarial Science, and Mathematics in Operations Research you can choose from a number of modules included in the respective catalogs available on TUMonline. For more information please refer to the respective academic and examination regulations.
  • For the program Mathematics in Science and Engineering you must select an individual catalog of minor modules in consultation with your academic advisor Prof. Rainer Callies. This selection is documented on a "Studienplan Nebenfach" signed by Prof. Callies. Please submit a copy of this sheet to Anja Hoffmann, the respective modules will then be available to you on TUMonline.
  • There is no minor in the program Mathematics in Data Science.

You will find more information on our Master's programs on study programs.


Academic Advisor
Mathematics in Science and Engineering

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Callies

Examination management
Master's program

Anja Hoffmann