You want to register for an examination? You need to find out when examinations take place? Or you have studied abroad for a semester and want to have the credits you earned recognized? These pages give you the most important information on the subject. 

Our contact person is also available to answer your questions in this regard: 

Examination period in the summer semester 2021

Dates are subject to change. You will find extensive information at Coronavirus - Studies. Exam formats are subject to change on short notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The type of examination will be announced at the beginning of the lecture period. Possible examination formats: electronic remote exams with (written/oral) or without video surveillance (written), on campus (written/oral)

In order to take part in exams on campus during the COVID-19 pandemic, you must comply with the following regulations. We ask that you read the information carefully and register for exams on campus only if you intend to do so under the specified conditions.

Good to know

Exclamation mark: Measures due to the corona pandemic

Measures due to the corona pandemic

We have created a department corona page on moodle for students of mathematics with information about the effects and limitations of the corona pandemic on various study-related matters. Please register for that course yourself. We have also added notes on current practice at our department. This page is going to be updated regularly.

Further information can also be found on the TUM page on Corona. Please check your TUM email and the web pages regularly.

Examination Board for Mathematics

Examination Board for Mathematics

The Examination Board is responsible for all examinations in mathematical degree programs:
Chair: Prof. Dr. Rudi Zagst
Deputy Chair: Prof. Dr. Johannes Müller
Secretary for the Bachelor program: Dr. Kathrin Ruf
Secretary for the Master programs: Dr. Michael Ritter
Secretary for the TopMath degree program: Dr. Carl-Friedrich Kreiner

In case of queries and requests (e.g. regarding missed examination registration deadlines or withdrawal from examinations) please contact the relevant secretary or write to: pa (at) ma.tum.de 

case of illness

What to do in case of illness?

Should you be prevented from taking part in an exam due to illness, you must see a doctor and get an official Medical Certificate for that day. Please keep this document in a safe place - should you fail to comply with the standard duration of your degree program, you may have to present this certificate as proof of having missed the exam for good reasons.

If you are not enrolled at the Mathematics Department of the TUM, please observe the guidelines in case of illness of your own department.

Transcript of Records (TOR)

Transcript of Records (TOR)

A transcript (also called academic transcript or transcript of records) is an official document in English and German showing:

  • A list of courses attended at TUM (lectures, seminars, etc.)
  • Number of ECTS credits per course
  • Grades earned
  • Grading table

It is valid without signature and stamp. In the rare case you need a signed and stamped ToR, you can request a signed and stamped Transcript of Records (ToR) here: Student Service Center - Examination Office, Campus Garching, Boltzmannstr. 17, contact person: Hildegard Praegla. 



To request a ranking report, please send an e-mail to bachelor (at) ma.tum.de or master (at) ma.tum.de.

You should provide the following details:

  • last name, first name
  • matriculation number
  • for Master's students: please specify which Master's program
  • your preferred language for the report (English or German)

ATTENTION: If you have exceeded the standard duration of study, it is not possible to generate a ranking report.

Examination periods

Examination periods

The general examination periods for mathematics students at the Department of Mathematics are:

  • First attempts: Usually within the first 3 weeks after the end of the lecture period as well as sometimes during the last week of the lecture period. 
  • Resit exams: Usually during the last two weeks before the start of the new lecture period as well as sometimes during the first week of the new lecture period (maybe suspended during congress week). 

Please note that other departments (i.e. TUM School of Economics) may have a different examination timetables (i.e. resit exams in the next semester). This might affect the exams of your minor subject.

Credit transfer

Academic and Examination Regulations

The Academic and Examination Regulations at the Technical University of Munich provide the legal framework for your degree program. There you will find information on a range of topics including deadlines, minimum requirements, types of module examination, the thesis, and the format of the aptitude assessment. Should you have questions concerning the exam regulations, please consult a student academic advisor or the relevant secretary. You will find past regulations in the official announcements of the Technical University of Munich.

Please note: All official regulations for legal reasons are only available in German.

Current Examination Regulations (for students starting in the summer term 2019 or later)

Old Examination Regulations (for students starting in or before the winter term 2018/19)