Organizing your studies

Starting at university can pose a lot of challenges. Planing modules, registering for courses and exams - everything is new and needs to be well organized. Here and on the following pages you will find all the information you need for your mathematics studies.

Infopoint: the answer to (nearly) all your questions

The Infopoint is your first stop for all your questions related to your Maths course at the TUM. We can either help you ourselves, or get you in touch with the right person to advise you further.

Wortwolke Infopoint

Support in all aspects of study: we are happy to help

External influences and personal problems can often make studying difficult. The Department of Mathematics is happy to help, if you need an individual solution for a particular problem. Please contact your subject advisor or Dr. Thomas Stolte.

Infopoint Mathematics

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Internal mail: SB-S-MA

Study advice for Mathematics: ask us!

Mathematics is a demanding subject to study. If you are feeling somewhat challenged at the start of your studies, we are happy to support you! Your best option is to contact a study advisor, in order to discuss your situation and together find the best solution for you.

Studying without barriers

We want to make it possible for all people to participate equally and independently in their studies and student life. Do you have any questions or need support? Please contact the department's representatives for students with chronic illness or disabilities, Jana Graul or Dr. Thomas Stolte.

Further information can be found on the service pages of the TUM.

Advice for foreign students

Financial questions, registering at your new place of residence, residency permits, insurance and deadlines - those coming to study in Germany often have a lot to get sorted. Foreign students can contact our advisor for international affairs, Julia Cyllok.

You can find a lot of information on Paths to the TUM.