Pre-course Mathematics for Management & Technology

Mathematics plays an essential role in economics or engineering science. Therefore, you should have sufficient mathematical knowledge in the beginning of your studies in Management and Technology.

In the precourse Mathematics for Management and Technology you repeat essential topics of school mathematics. It helps you to refresh your previous knowledge and compensate for deficits.



The precourse Mathematics for Management & Technology 2021 takes place in the 2 weeks before the lecture period of the winter term, rather from 5.10.-8.10.2021 and 11.-15.10.2021.

The course consists of the 3 parts: lecture, central exercise and tutorial exercise and the daily structure is always the same:

  • 8:00-9:30 am: Lecture (English)
    online as an instructional video; you can watch the video as well earlier, but shouldn't do so later if possible because otherwise you won't have the material for the tutorial. The script will be made available to you in parallel as a pdf file, so you don't have to write down everything, but at best you may make comments on the script.
  • 10:00-10:45 am: Central exercise (English)
    In this exercise exemplary tasks of the respective exercise sheet are calculated. After this preparation you'll hopefully be able to solve further exercises in the tutorial (with the possible help of your fellow students or tutors). This material is also available online as an instructional video. The daily exercise sheet can be downloaded as a pdf file and you should do that before the central exercise.
  • 11:15 am-12:45 pm: 15 parallel tutor groups (German or English)
    these groups take place in the 1st week (5.10.-8.10.21) via zoom (i.e. as a web conference). With the help of student tutors you complete the tasks of the respective exercise sheet. In some cases subgroups will be formed (so-called breakout sessions) were you develop solutions together.

The following technical details should be considered:

  • The videos are streamed via the TUM Panopto server and do not need any special software. You can watch the videos anytime, stop and watch parts or the entire video again.
  • You will receive the link to your Zoom session (i.e. your tutor group) only after your registration (see below) on October 4th, i.e. on the day before the start of the course, by email. So be sure to look up your mail then!
  • Before starting the course, make sure you have a functioning computer with a stable internet access, microphone and camera. A tablet is ideal such that you can also present handwritten results in the web conference. If you don't have a tablet, just write down your calculations on a sheet of paper (with a high-contrast pen as possible) and hold this sheet in front of the camera to discuss your solution with the tutor (make sure the picture is not reversed).
  • Furthermore you should have a pdf viewer and install the zoom client before the course starts, if you shouldn't have it yet <>
  • After your enrollment you will get your personal access to TUMonline <>. Registration for this preliminary course (and all your later courses) runs via your TUMonline account. All important announcements from us are sent to the address deposited in TUMonline. So please make sure you get these mails and read them promptly.
  • You have to register twice in TUMonline, on the one hand for the lecture and central exercise and on the other hand for the tutorial. These registrations will be open from September 15th and run through October 3rd. It's just about organizational details, every applicant gets a place in the course. So you don't have to be afraid.


If the pandemic situation allows, some (for reasons of space not all!) tutor groups in the 2nd week (11.10-15.10.2021) can take place in presence on the inner city campus of TUM.

However, the applicable corona rules must be observed: a participation is only possible if you have been fully vaccinated or recovered or if you are freshly tested (so called 3G rule). In the appropriate lecture halls the distances have to be respected (the selected rooms are large enough for that) and probably, at least in part, masks too have to be worn. Participation in the face-to-face exercises is only possible under these prerequisites. Compliance is controlled in each case before the exercise.

Nevertheless, you can take a virtual look around the campus:


When registering for the tutorials via TUMonline <>, some details are required:

  • There are 15 tutor groups, so there is enough space for everyone
  • Most of the groups are held in English, but there are also some groups in German (most tutors are multilingual and of course always try to help in case of doubt)
  • Some groups include the option of presence lessons in the 2nd course week. Please register only for these groups if you meet the 3G rule and if you can come on the downtown campus in time. Your tutors will explain details at the end of the 1st week.
  • The tutorials are distributed in TUMonline via a raffle. If you specify only one group which is full booked, you go away empty-handed, although in other groups places are free. So it is best practice to register for several groups of different types to make sure you can be accommodated.
  • If you already know fellow students, you can use the above described registration procedure for groups of up to 5 participants that register together.

As soon as you have registered for the course in TUMonline, you will also have access to the TUM Moodle teaching material server. There you find all videos, zoom links, pdf files and information about the course. In the Moodle forum you can ask questions, if something should not be organizationally or technically clear. Of course you can ask there content-related questions too, but this is usually more direct in your tutor group.

We wish you a successful precourse and a good start in your 1st semester!


Dr. Michael Kaplan

Do you have questions about this course? On the FAQ page you will get information. Please see if you can find the answer to your question there before contacting us directly.