Pre-course Mathematics for Management & Technology

Mathematics plays an essential role in economics or engineering science. Therefore, you should have sufficient mathematical knowledge in the beginning of your studies in Management and Technology.

In the precourse Mathematics for Management and Technology you repeat essential topics of school mathematics. It helps you to refresh your previous knowledge and compensate for deficits.



The precourse Mathematics for Management & Technology 2022 takes place in the 2 weeks before the lecture period of the winter term, rather on October 4-7 and October 10-14, 2022.


The course takes place at the main campus in Munich. The lecture and central exercise are held in the Audimax and the Carl-von-Linde-Hörsaal, room 1200


Dr. Michael Kaplan

Do you have questions about this course? On the FAQ page you will get information. Please see if you can find the answer to your question there before contacting us directly.


The registration runs via our campus management system TUMonline. After your enrollment, you will receive a personal account. The registration for this preliminary course - and all your later courses - runs via this platform. All important messages from us go to the e-mail address connected to TUMonline. Please read these mails promptly.

These registrations are open from September 14. Each applicant will get a place in the course.

The course consists of three parts: Lecture, central exercise and tutor exercise - see schedule. You have to register twice in TUMonline:

  • for the lecture and central exercise
    (this is possible until the end of the course)
  • for the tutor exercise
    (this can be done till right before the start of the course)

Please note the following details when registering for the tutor exercises:

  • There are 15 tutor groups in total, so enough places for everyone.
  • Most groups are in English, but there are also some groups in German. Most tutors are multilingual and of course always try to help.
  • Please register for several tutor groups (best for all groups in your desired language). The distribution is done in TUMonline by a raffle. If you register for only one group, and it is full, you will go away empty-handed, although there are certainly places available in other groups.
  • If you already know fellow students, you can also form groups of up to 5 participants in the registration procedure described above and register together that way.

We wish you a successful pre-course and a good start into your 1st semester!

Teaching material

As soon as you have registered for the course in TUMonline, you will also have access to the TUM Moodle teaching material server. There you find all videos, zoom links, pdf files and information about the course. In the Moodle forum you can ask questions, if something should not be organizationally or technically clear. Of course you can ask there content-related questions too, but this is usually more direct in your tutor group.


The course consists of three parts: lecture, central exercise and tutor exercise. The daily structure is the same in each case:

Lecture (English)

  • 4.10.-7.10.22 and 13.10.-14.10.: 8:00-9:30 in Audimax
  • 10.10.-12.10.22: 11:30-13:00 in room 1200

Central exercise (English)

  • 4.10.-7.10.22 and 13.10.-14.10.: 10:00-10:45 in Audimax
  • 10.10.22: 13:30-14:15 in room 1200
  • 12.10.22 : 13:15-14:30 in room 1200

Exemplary tasks from the respective exercise sheet on the current topics of the lecture will be calculated, so that you can then hopefully manage them in the tutor exercises on your own or with the help of your fellow students and tutors.

Tutorials (German or English)

  • 4.10.-7.10.22 and 13.10.-14.10.: 11:15-12:45
  • 10.10.22 and 12.10.22: 14:45-16:15
  • 11.10.22 : 13:30-15:00

15 small groups will meet in parallel in seminar rooms (details later in Moodle). With the help of student tutors, they will calculate the tasks of the respective exercise sheet that have not yet been dealt with.