Pre-course Mathematics for Management & Technology

Mathematics plays an essential role in economics or engineering science. Therefore, you should have sufficient mathematical knowledge in the beginning of your studies in Management and Technology.

In the pre-course Mathematics for Management and Technology you repeat essential topics of school mathematics. It helps you to refresh your previous knowledge and compensate for deficits.




The pre-course Mathematics for Management & Technology 2019 takes place from Tuesday, October 1 to Friday,  October 11.



The preparatory course starts in the Audimax or Siemens-Hörsaal (room 0980) on the main campus of the Technical University of Munich. The second week takes place in the Carl von Linde Hörsaal (room 1200).



Please note, that this course requires prior registration.


Dr. Michael Kaplan

Do you have questions about this course? On the FAQ page you will get information. Please see if you can find the answer to your question there before contacting us directly.


  • Please take care in time that you have an accomodation and means of transport to TUM during the pre-course period.

Test your math fundamentals

In the meantime you may check your mathematical knowledge with one of the following self tests:

Course program

The course usually lasts two weeks. Every day the preliminary course is divided into a lecture part and subsequent tutorials, which consist of a large central tutorial and tutorials in small groups.

course program
DayLecture Practice sheet Solution Videos
 First Week: 1.10.-4.10.2019 
Tuesday, 1.10.2019Sets and StatementsSheet 1Sheet 1Intro12345678
Wednesday, 2.10.2019Language and Symbols of MathematicsSheet 2Sheet 212345678

Thursday, 3.10.2019

Relations and FunctionsSheet 3Sheet 312345678910111213
Friday, 4.10.2019Elementary Functions 1Sheet 4Sheet 4Intro12345
 Second Week: 7.10.-11.10.2019 
Monday, 7.10.2019Elementary Functions 2Sheet 5Sheet 51234
Tuesday, 8.10.2019Related Functions, Equations and InequalitiesSheet 6Sheet 6123456789
Wednesday, 9.10.2019Differential CalculusSheet 7Sheet 7123456
Thursday, 10.10.2019Integral CalculusSheet 8Sheet 812345678
Friday, 11.10.2019Systems of Linear EquationsSheet 9Sheet 9123456


Period: daily 1.10.-4.10. and 7.10.-8.10.2019
Course of Action:Lecture:daily 8:00-9:30 o'clock
 Central Tutorial:daily 10:00-10:45 o'clock
 Tutorials:daily 11:15-12:45 o'clock
Room:Lecture:Lecture Hall 0980 (=Audimax or Siemens-Hörsaal)
 Central Tutorial:Lecture Hall 0980 (=Audimax or Siemens-Hörsaal)
 Tutorials:arrangement will be announced in the first lecture.
Period: daily 9.-11.10.19
Course of Action:Lecture:daily 11:30-13:00 o'clock
 Central Tutorial:daily 13:30-14:15 o'clock
 Tutorials:daily 14:45-16:15 o'clock
Room:Lecture:Lecture Hall 1200 (=Carl von Linde Hörsaal)
 Central Tutorial:Lecture Hall 1200 (=Carl von Linde Hörsaal)
 Tutorals:arrangement will be announced in the first lecture.



Course Content

Within two weeks we'll repeat and deepen important topics of school mathematics, which you will encounter again in the first semesters of your studies. Priorities are

  • mathematical language and symbols,
  • equations and inequalities,
  • sequences,
  • limits,
  • differentiation and integration,
  • vectors and systems of equations.

While repeating this content you learn simultaneously about the usual mathematical mode of operation in university. In addition, you have the opportunity to get to know your future university and fellow students.

Please note: In addition to the school mathematics, the preliminary course gives you an insight into higher mathematics. The lectures in your study do not presuppose the content of the pre-course but start again from "zero".


In the tutorials, you will repeat, practice and deepen the topics discussed earlier in the lecture, using tasks and examples in small work groups. You support competent tutors if you have questions.

In which group you are divided and where your exercise takes place, you will learn in the lecture.

Group Nr.Room (seats available)TutorPeculiaritiesParticipants' Surname

thru 8.10: 0514 (30)
from 9.10.: N1090ZG (104)


0670ZG (101)

30601 (101)ZhangEnglishDom-Fo

2100 (80)

11.10.: 0714 (30)

51221 (40)LaroEnglishGre-Hi
61237 (20)MariEnglishHo-Kal

0544 (40)

from 9.10.: N1095ZG (106)

PrommesbergerGerman / EnglishKam-Leib

thru 8.10: 0999 (60)

from 9.10.:

2607 (25)

101601 (85)SukiantoGerman / EnglishMey-Pa

2370 (115)

TischlerGerman / EnglishPh-Sal

thru 8.10: 1977 (40)

9.10. & 11.10.: N1179 (308)

10.10.: N1080 ZG


130602 (198)WangGerman / EnglishSte-Wag
140606 (198)



German / EnglishWam-