Pre-course Mathematics for Management & Technology

Mathematics plays an essential role in economics or engineering science. Therefore, you should have sufficient mathematical knowledge in the beginning of your studies in Management and Technology.

In the precourse Mathematics for Management and Technology you repeat essential topics of school mathematics. It helps you to refresh your previous knowledge and compensate for deficits.




Because of the corona pandemic the lecture period will have a delayed start at 2.11.2020.

The precourse Mathematics for Management & Technology 2020 will take place in the 2 weeks before this lecture period, rather from 20.10.2020-30.10.2020.


Since it can also be assumed for the coming winter semester that no large groups can be taught in one lecture hall, the lectures and central exercises are offered as instructional videos. The tutorials will take place as web conferences (you can prepare that by downloading and installing the zoom client).

A stable and not too slow internet connection and a laptop with camera and microfone are advantageous (not only for this course), a tablet with an additional pencil even better. Nevertheless, you can take a virtual look around the campus:


After your enrollment you will receive access to the campus management system TUMonline. You can only register for the course with this access. When you register for the precourse lecture, you are automatically registered for the central exercise. A separate registration is required for the tutorials. Please register for all tutorials that are suitable for you. The system raffles the places in the exercises shortly before the start of the course. If you want to join a tutor group with fellow students, you can register as a group of up to 5 students. If you apply for only one exercise, there is a risk that you will not get a place. Otherwise everyone gets a place, so there is no need to panic. If you have problems with TUMonline, please read these instructions or watch this video. In an emergency, please contact IT support (Tel. +,

Further information about the course and all materials and links can be found on the page belonging to the course in the Moodle learning platform of the Technical University of Munich. You are automatically registered there when you register for the course in TUMonline.


Dr. Michael Kaplan

Do you have questions about this course? On the FAQ page you will get information. Please see if you can find the answer to your question there before contacting us directly.


Please ensure that you have suitable technical equipment in good time and check your math skills with one of the following self-tests: