Job and internship offers

You are looking for a placement, a student job possibility or an interesting field for your Bachelor's or Master's thesis? You are looking for work training, a permanent job or an opening in research?  Or you are a company representative with an opportunity for one of our maths students or graduates? 

Qualified and motivated mathematicians of the Technical University of Munich are highly sought-after. Here are the job platforms of the TUM.

Job and placement pinboard of the Department of Mathematics 

On the job and placement pinboard of the Department of Mathematics, you can not only find suitable jobs for the work placement, but also for science jobs and offers for beginners on the career ladder, as well as permanent advertisements. 

Company job advertisements

Companies who wish to find potential employees from our Department can place an advertisement here. 

Job offers for mathematicians

Placements and student job offers

Nichts gefunden? - Weitere Praktika und Werkstudentenstellen bei TUM Alumni & Career (Nicht jede dieser Stellen ist als Berufspraktikum geeignet! Bei Fragen wenden Sie sich bitte an Kathrin Ruf (

Thesis jobs, PhD jobs and jobs in science

Nichts gefunden? - Weitere wissenschaftliche Stellen bei TUM Alumni & Career

Permanent jobs, job-starters, trainee jobs

Nichts gefunden? - Weitere Festanstellungen oder Traniee-Stellen bei TUM Alumni & Career

Permanent advertisements

Job pinboards and options at the TUM