Career Service and Practical Experience

Practical career experience can open doors in industry and business. A maths degree at the Technical University of Munich offers the perfect preparation, as our degree courses aim to teach high level maths with an application-orientated approach. That is why the TUM cooperates intensively with companies and research institutes and has a large, well-established business network.

Mathematicians on the career ladder

Whether you see your future as a mathematician in industry or business, or you would prefer to enter into the world of research: we support you on your way up the career ladder and show you, how you can apply your study topics in the working world.

Service and advice

Use the information and advice offers of the Career Service on practical modules within your study courses, career orientation or on job hunting and applications. 

You can always talk to us! We are happy to give you individual advice and can help you in many issues, from your search for a suitable internship or trainee student job to your first steps on the career ladder. 

Information for international students in Germany

The TUM Career Service provides information and support for international students in Germany (green shaded section at about 2/3rd of the page), for example the Flyer Working in Germany.

Career Service: News and Events

Practical modules whilst studying 

For our department, it is important that during your studies, you already become familiar with the possibilities of applying math within industry and business.  Beyond the module Professional Internship (MA8101, MA8102, MA8103), which is compulsory within all math courses at the TUM, Masters' students can also use the following modules to test and prove their knowledge in practical projects.

Case studies within our Master's degree courses enable you to use the math from your course in practice and simultaneously deepen your knowledge. 

Particularly in the modules "Case studies in discrete optimization" (MA4512) and "Case studies in non-linear optimization" (MA4513), students have the chance to use their course knowledge in real projects, using a high level of personal responsibility whilst enjoying a great deal of creative freedom. In small teams, challenges are addressed using suitable mathematical processes, working together with representatives of research and business organizations and presenting their ideas and results. Communication skills become vital - within your team, with users, colleagues from other departments, and partners from industry and business. Only jointly discussed decisions can lead your project to success.

Read more about Case Studies in Optimization here.

In the TUM Data Innovation Lab (MA8113) Master's students research new, data-driven processes. This education and research placement takes place every semester. As your Lab-Partner, companies suggest a data-analysis project. If it is accepted, they then supervise the students throughout the project as mentors, together with colleagues from the DI Lab. Students of all subject areas, who are interested in new, data-driven processes for solving practical problems, work together in small, interdisciplinary project teams. They learn to organize, analyze and visualize data and attain comprehensive insight into the modern world of data science.

It is possible to write your Master's thesis in cooperation with companies from industry and business. In this case, it is most important that prior to starting, the examiners and the companies are in agreement on the topic, in order on the one hand to guarantee the required amount of subject knowledge in the thesis, but also the true use for the company involved. Please ask the Department's examiners for suitable themes, or approach the companies with relevant ideas for your thesis. Further information on the Master's thesis can be found on the webpages of each Master's degree course.

In this Trading-Seminar you can gain insight into the work of a trader, learn the fundamental concepts behind options and derivatives and calculate the most important indicators for risk management. In the seminar, partner companies present real examples from their own trading. The module MA8020 consists partly of a theoretical presentation and partly of a practical element, in which the students have to apply the knowledge gained in a simulated trading situation

After successful participation, you can incorporate this trading seminar into your studies as an interdisciplinary competence. Furthermore, you subsequently have the opportunity to take part in the  EUREX Exchange Trader Qualification Seminar.

From student to professional: Mathematicians on the career ladder

Jonas Becker

Cyber Risk Analyst

"I studied financial mathematics and actuarial science at TUM from 2012 to 2017. I think it's great that I was already able to earn several credits for my part-time training as an actuary (DAV) during my studies. I was particularly influenced by two stays abroad in South Africa. So I wrote my master's thesis in cooperation with an institute in Cape Town - on pricing models for so-called NatCat bonds. This strengthened my desire to work in international reinsurance.

Today, I am a Cat Research Analyst at Allianz SE Reinsurance, responsible for modeling cyber risks. I am fascinated by translating complex issues such as cyberattacks into % probability and € values, and helping companies manage their risks through insurance solutions."

Jonas Becker, Cat Research Analyst Cyber bei Allianz SE Reinsurance

Benjamin Weiderer, Business Analyst und IT Koordinator bei Continentale, Coach bei BEWECT

Business Analyst, Test Manager and Coach

"I graduated at the TUM in Financial and Business Mathematics and started working for WWK Insurances as a specialist coordinator in 2005. My organizational, analytical and social talents helped me here - as well as test manager, instructor and business consultant." Today I work as a business analyst and project leader at Continentale Life Insurance. 

I'm an active athlete and it's important for me to think outside the box and be creative, so I've reduced my working hours and am a coach for exercise, nutrition and motivation in my own company BEWECT. I also combine my skills as a mathematician and trainer by supporting people who want to get back into work after being mentally ill at the SRH ."

Benjamin Weiderer, Business Analyst and IT Coordinator at Continentale, Coach at BEWECT

Sebastian Walter im Kundengespräch

Teamlead Consulting for process optimization

"I graduated with a Master's degree in Mathematical Finance and Actuarial Science in 2014. I got into my job by chance: a fellow student founded the software company Celonis with two friends - that's where I joined in. As a PreSales Consultant, I helped clients optimize their processes with our process mining software. Then I built up our partner network with companies like KPMG or Accenture.

Today, I manage the European consulting unit of Celonis with about 40 employees. My Mathematics studies help me with this: I approach problems analytically, know the basics of programming and am able to 'bite through to the end' even with difficult questions. I like the work in a small company: you quickly take responsibility and can really change something."

Sebastian Walter, VP Professional Services & Customer Success at Celonis SE

Christian Glock, The Boston Consulting Group

Business consultant for strategic development

"I have a Master's degree in Financial Mathematics and one in Economics since 2017. During my studies I was on TUMexchange at NTU Singapore.The intercultural environment has been very important to me, and thanks to various internships - among others at BCG - I was able to get quickly into the profession and take responsibility.

I like that I travel a lot and get to know different customers and industries. The ever new challenges motivate me. My Mathematics studies make it easy for me to think analytically and question problems - and I have a high frustration limit ;-). "

Christian Glock, Associate Business Consultant at The Boston Consulting Group

Investment-Managerin beim Telefonat mit Kunden

Investment Manager

"I studied Financial and Business Mathematics, now I work for the company Allianz as team manager in Investment Management.
Using mathematical methods, we create analyses for determining optimal financial investment strategies -  the specialist knowledge which I attained at the TUM is crucial for this work. In my dynamic working environment, analytical thinking and the ability to work independently are essential. I was able to develop these qualities during my studies at the TUM, as well as the ability to think "outside the box".  

Claudia Antes, CFA, Senior Associate at Allianz Investment Management SE

Alumni erklärt die Herausforderungen in der Verzahntechnik

Hightech Software Developer

"From 2006 to 2011 I studied Mathematics in Science and Engineering at the TUM. After an internship at Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH, I got my first job there, and started directly after the graduation ceremony.
We build cog-making machines for our customers. Depending on the requirements of the customer, I calculate how the tools inside the machine need to move, in order to enable a precise grinding of the cog. In this process, every micrometer is decisive. I find the work fascinating, as each problem is always very complex when you start. Then I work my way deeper into the problem and finally find a solution  which I can be proud of."

Roland Kiechle, Software Developer at Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH

Career orientation

Only when you know where your strengths and interests lie, can you convince future employers with a clear profile. Internships, exchange with other students and direct contact to businesses can form a basis for your start on the career ladder.

Seeking and applying for jobs

Recruiting events, job fairs and job forums are important elements in looking for a job. But also in the placement seminar, at events in the series Meet My Company or Fit for TUMorrow you have the opportunity to meet a potential future employer.

Advice and help at the TUM

Competent advisors on all the themes related to job seeking and applications, and getting started on the career ladders can be found also at the central Career Service of the TUM. Use their many offers, including: