Study Subsidies

The Technische Universität München receives study subsidies to enable constant improvements to teaching and learning conditions.   

Why do study subsidies exist?

From 2007 to 2013 students at the TUM had to pay study fees of 500 Euro per semester. As a result, each semester, the Department of Mathematics had around 300,000 - 400,000 Euro more to spend. This additional income was allocated to improving teaching and study structures. As of the winter semester  2013/14 study fees were abolished in Bavaria. Since then, as a replacement, the universities receive state monies to the same purpose. 

Further information on study subsidies can be found on the central TUM website.

Planing commission on the use of study subsidies

The planing commission on the use of study subsidies comprises 3 student representatives and 3 representatives of the department staff and develops concepts for the use of study subsidies. These are then sent via the Dean to the central University administration for final verification that they are in line with the usage specifications.

The executive board of the commission (generally 3 student representatives and the speaker) meet regularly to decide upon the usage of the subsidies, to reflect on the success of currrent concepts and make improvements in the overall concept as required. 

The equal representation within the commission ensures that the students are fairly heard on the use of the study subsidies. The current members of the commission are: 


For suggestions, questions, feedback or constructive criticism, please contact

PD Dr. René Brandenberg 

studienb (at)

Student representatives studienbeitraege-mathematik (at)

Information on study subsisides can also be found on the Website der Fachschaft MPI (Maths - Physics - Informatics).

Executive Board

In order to guarantee an efficient and timely handling of new suggestions or alterations during the course of the semester, the executive board has been created. The executive board meets once or twice in the semester, or more frequently if required.

Opportunities through study subsidies

The Department of Mathematics finances a broad range of opportunies from study subsidies