Math Exhibition ix-quadrat

Current information

Unfortunately the ix-quadrat is currently closed due to the Corona Pandemic. But we are still there for you with hands-on math!

Virtual tours through the ix-quadrat

We are happy to offer a virtual visit for your group or school class via BBB or Zoom. Here you can get to know our contents and exhibits through personal contact. With the help of computer programs and handicraft activities, the participants can also get active themselves. For schools in alternating classes, this offer is also suitable for the group that is currently learning at home. Please contact us to discuss the contents and to make an appointment.

Crafting and painting - with math

Paint visual works of art or make colorful patterned eggs: At Math for Kids you will find many ideas for understanding mathematics in an entertaining way at home.

An exhibition makes mathematics tangible

The mathematics exhibition ix-quadrat within the Zentrum Mathematik at the TUM opened in November 2002, conceived, curated and headed by Professor Jürgen Richter-Gebert. The ix-quadrat is a hands-on exhibition, which aims to awaken interest in mathematics in general and through the tactile experience literally makes math something one can grasp. 

The exhibition has three central themes: 

  • Symmetry
  • You can count on this
  • Perspektives of the graphic artist M. C. Escher

There are also three sorts of exhibition material:

  • Exhibits behind glass - to be amazed at
  • Free standing exhibits: all the exhibits which are not in glass cabinets can be actively used to see how maths work and are there explicitly to this purpose
  • Digital media: Computer programs which enable further insight into each theme and round off our programm. Computers are only used when they are truly helpful in adding to or completing understanding and experience of the subjects.

Visit the ix-quadrat!

The ix-quadrat offers prebooked guided tours for all ages, but we regret to inform you, that our tours are mainly in German, with the possibility for a few limited exceptions. Please contact Jutta Niebauer for all tour enquiries.

You are of course more than welcome to visit our exhibition during our regular opening hours and spend time trying out our fascinating exhibits. 

Individuals are welcome to view our exhibition within the regular opening hours as stated on our main page. Prebooking is not necessary. Math students are on hand to explain the exhibits (as far as possible in English too!)  

As the majority of pupils taking part in our activities are from schools in the near vicinity, information and guided tours usually are in German language. However, if you would like to visit the ix-quadrat, we'll try to arrange activities in English, but please understand that our resources are limited. 


Please contact Mrs. Jutta Niebauer 

We also warmly invite you to take a trip down our parabola slide, on which you can slide from the third floor of our building down to the ground floor in just a few seconds - but please always use the supplied mats (danger of skid burns)! The slide is suitable for 11 year olds and upwards. Please remember however, that the slide is in the middle of our atrium, and that loud screams or shouting can be heard in the whole building. As long as the noise levels are kept at a reasonable level, the slide can be used within term time, but on occasion (examination period / job fairs in the atrium) may be closed. If using the slide with a group, please remind your charges to "pipe down" a little, as far as possible. 

Free admission

The exhibition is free of charge for all visitors. We are however always grateful for donations, which are invested in new material for the exhibition.