Finance & Insurance

Finance & Insurance

Financial mathematics offer access to complex processes in the financial world. A central element is the modelling of stocks and shares prices, interest instruments, raw materials prices, credits and insurance products. Only if these are understood, is it possible to evaluate options, quantify financial risks and calculate optimal investment strategies.  

The ability to choose suitable models for these processes is a particular challenge. They must on the one hand be flexible enough to realistically reflect the behavior of the modelled factors. On the other hand, the application should require a minimum of technical input, in order to make the process simple in its execution. 

Research areas

Methodically, financial mathematics uses a wide repertoire of methods from stochastics, statistics, numerics, optimization, function theory and functional analysis. The main focus of our research groups lies in

  • the modelling of interest structures,
  • the modelling and evaluation of exotic options and complex credit derivatives,
  • the evaluation of insurance products,
  • quantitative risk management,
  • the modelling of dependencies and
  • dynamic portfolio optimization.

Our group is very well-connected to the finance industry. Furthermore, we play a leading role in the Masters Degree Program "Mathematical Finance and Actuarial Science", as well as in the joint Elite Masters Program "Finance and Information Management" (FIM) at the TUM, the University of Augsburg and the University of Bayreuth.


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