Analysis & PDE (Partial Differential Equations)

Grafiken: Beispiele aus Analysis und PDE
Sketches on concepts and methods in PDE:  implicit function, bifurcation, wave, spectrum. coarse-graining, shock, invariant manifolds, light cones, free boundary, mountain pass theorem, spiral wave/pattern and optimal transport.


Analysis forms the foundations of many mathematic disciplines. Its history, as well its modern development are based on permanent exchange with concrete questions from the areas of natural science and technology. The central concept of a limit in analysis can be found in all related areas, such as in diferential equations, functional analysis, function theory and Fourier analysis.

The groups at the TUM represent the full breadth of analysis - in fundamental research, in inter-disciplinary networking within the department and in the direct context of applications. A particular focus is the area of partial differential equations (PDE).


Research areas

In the field of analysis our department performs research in the following areas:  

  • Dynamical systems
  • Evolution equations
  • Functional inequalities
  • Model building
  • Multiscale methods
  • Functional analysis
  • Calculus of variations



Martin Brokate

Marco Cicalese

Josef Dorfmeister

Massimo Fornasier

Gero Friesecke

Christian Kühn

Christina Kuttler

Daniel Matthes

Johannes Müller

Jürgen Scheurle

Simone Warzel


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