Certified Copies of your Study Documents

Legally valid certified copies of your documents can only by issued by public authorities, e.g. local administration like Kreisverwaltungsreferat (KVR) at Ruppertstrasse in Munich.

    Wich study documents need to be submitted as officially certified copies?

    For TUM-internal matter, however, legally valid certified copies are not always necessary, a confirmation by an administrative clerk ist sufficient, which certifies that the original's  and the copie's contents are identical.

    Copies of study documents issued by other universities, however, need to be certified either by the issuing institution - e.g. LMU-documents will be certified by an administrative clerk at LMU -, or by a public authority.

    Further information about the necessary form of officially certified copies your find here.

    • TUM study documents: a simple copy without any certification is sufficient.
    • Study documents of all other German universities: Certified copies (see above) are necessary.
      • FIM study documents are legally regardes as issued by Augsburg University, so certified copies are necessary.
      • LMU study documents are also regarded as "issued by another German university".  However, because LMU is allowed to certify their own documents you can ask for certified copies there, if you want.
      • TMP-Zeugnisse/Urkunden are regarded as issued by LMU.
    • TopMath study documents: a simple copy without any certification is sufficient.
    • Study documents issued by a foreign university, including Austria and Switzerland: You have to apply for a recognition of your foreign degree, so please continue on our website for a recognition of a foreign degree.


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