Dr. Michael Ritter

Academic Advisor and Secretary to the Examination Board Mathematics


Dr. Michael Ritter

michael.ritter (at) tum.de


Technical University of Munich 
Department of Mathematics

Boltzmannstraße 3 
85748 Garching bei München 


Tel +49 (0)89 289 16880
Fax +49 (0)89 289 16859
Room: MI 02.04.057 

Achtung: Geänderte Sprechstunde ab 14.10.2019

Please note: Consultation hours will change effective October 14th, 2019.

Die Sprechstunde am 11. Oktober 2019 entfällt. 

There will be no consultation hours on October 11th.

Consultation Hours

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For secure and encrypted communications please send encrypted email to michael.ritter (at) tum.de using either my S/MIME certificate or my PGP key (the fingerprint is 56CC 78E1 4646 E6C9 92EC  4B9D CDBC 922B 5B66 9928). Please do not send encrypted emails to master@ma.tum.de nor to master-or@ma.tum.de.

Information regarding my lectures are available at the homepage of my working group Applied Geometry and Discrete Mathematicsngewandte Geometrie und Diskrete Mathematik.