TopMath Winter Meeting 2019

20 February 2019
Teilnehmer am Top-Math-Wintertreffen vor winterlicher Kulisse auf der Terrasse der Unterkunft
Promoting scientific exchange between mathematical disciplines and getting to know each other better: this year fifteen TopMath students took part in our annual Winter Meeting.


The students and doctoral candidates of the elite program TopMath work and do research in many different mathematical fields and are individually supervised in different work groups. As a result, professional and social exchange within the daily working routine is often quite limited, so TopMath offers opportunities for more interaction through a variety of formats such as the TopMath Talks, the Alumni Speakers Series and a number of other student meetings, such as the annual Winter Meeting. At the Winter Meeting, students of the different mathematical fields go on a two- to three-day retreat in order to get to know their different areas of work in a relaxed yet productive atmosphere, to exchange ideas and to intensify connections within the group.

In the winter term of 2018/19, the TopMath students travelled to South Tirol, near Vipiteno. Each of the fifteen participants gave a presentation about their particular field of research. There was a wide range of themes, including applied topics such as numerical mathematics and differential equations, but also probability theory and abstract algebra. During the subsequent dinner there was more time for discussions on the themes presented, as well as on other important aspects, such as international experience and future job perspectives.

The location in the mountains was also a perfect starting point for the joint activity on the return journey: The Winter Meeting 2019 ended with a winter hike near Innsbruck in a lot of freshly fallen snow.


Presentations at the Winter Meeting 2019

Luca Arcidiacono: Geometric Desingularization of Random Dynamical Systems

Fabian Roll: Nerve Theorems

Johannes Bäumler: Uniqueness for Spin Glass Ground States on Trees

Maximilian Fiedler: Approximating Optimal Weight-Balanced Clusterings

Maria Elena Gonzalez Herrero: Heartbeat Dynamics with Delay Differential Equations

Marwin Forster: Discrete-to-Continuum Gamma-Limit of a Planar Chirality Model

David Mundelius: Arithmetic Invariants of Finite Groups

Nathanael Schilling: Geometrical Approaches to Computing Coherent Sets

Dominik Schmid: Exclusion Processes in Random Environment

Thiago Carvalho Corso: International Experiences

Stefan Bamberger: Norm Preservation Properties of Random Matrices

Marc Schneider: What do Galois Theory and the Topological Fundamental Group Have in Common?

Tobias Böhle: PDE Dynamics and Travelling Waves

Yifan Jia: The Complexity of Quantum Transformation

Jamico Schade: Algebraic Curves in Geometric Constructions and How to Classify Them