TopMath Talk with Elena Gonzalez Herrero

Multiple scales in cardiac dynamics

21 November 2022 16:00 – 18:00
Graphic from Elena Gonzalez' research showing a heart.

On Monday, 21st November 2022 at 4 PM Maria Elena Gonzalez Herrero from the Research group Dynamics will give a talk on "Multiple scales in cardiac dynamics" (hybrid event).

Multiple scales in cardiac dynamics

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of deaths worldwide so the interest to understand the function of the heart is particularly high. The questions if and how electrical signals propagate along heart tissue are key to decide if the organ is able to sustain a healthy beat or not. To discern better what factors could either help or disrupt this propagation we use mathematical modelling such that we can apply theoretical and numerical methods to obtain information which can’t be easily collected experimentally or clinically. In this talk I want to give an overview of how we can model cardiac activity and the models that already exist, each with its own advantages and drawbacks. Furthermore, focusing on a polynomial version of the Karma model I will illustrate how and where multiple scales come into play in cardiac dynamics and explain what methods we can use to exploit them and extract additional insights into the model.

The talk will take place in room FMI 02.06.011. Moreover, you can watch it online: (no PIN, just click "Join").

TopMath Talks

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