Christmas Talk with Chris Dong

Characterizing Voting Rules (and Saving Christmas)

16 December 2022 18:00 – 19:00
You see a whiteboard in a conference room with "TopMath-Talk" written in colored letters.

Christmas is in the air! On Friday, 16th December 2022 at 6 PM Chris Dong from the Research group Decision Sciences and Systems will give a talk on "Characterizing Voting Rules (and Saving Christmas)". The talk takes place in MI 00.10.011.

Characterizing Voting Rules (and Saving Christmas)

Everyone knows that Santa is only able to deliver on time with the help of his elves, who produce the presents, take care of the reindeer, and do many other things. But how should Santa handle disagreements between them? In this talk, we investigate Santa’s issue and examine a class of voting rules that is satisfactory to all of the elves demands. We will apply the separating hyperplane theorem and -last but not least- save Christmas! 

TopMath Talks

As part of the TopMath talks, TopMath students and doctoral students present parts of their research. They provide an understandable insight into their current area of interest, enabling students and staff to broaden their mathematical background knowledge. The talks are open to the public and last about an hour, followed by discussion. You are cordially invited!