TopMath Summer School 2018

School of Advanced Mathematics for Young Students

17 September 2018 08:30 – 21 September 2018 13:00
TopMath Summer School

Sessions on proofs and exercises: TopMath Summer School takes place in September. This year topic is "Introduction to Harmonic Analysis and Applications". 


TopMath Summer School takes place on

17 - 21 September 2018

at the

Quantum, Business Campus Garching.

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At TopMath Summer school students discover seminal ideas, the latest advances and innovative applications of mathematics. In addition, they train their ability to mathematically approach and solve problems in dedicated sessions on proofs and exercises.

The TopMath Summer School of Advanced Mathematics for Young Students aims at presenting advanced topics of mathematics and their applications to a selected group of students before starting their third year of Bachelor studies.

TopMath Summer School 2018

The course "Introduction to Harmonic Analysis and Applications" presents the long journey, from the early results of Fourier analysis to the more recent wavelet theory, illustrating and complementing the theoretical findings with corresponding applications.

Here you will find the schedule 2018. For further information please visit our TopMath Summer School website.