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Top Math Elite Program: Mathematics with Promotion

18 October 2019
TopMath- Elitestudienprogramm

You are creative, motivated and talented? You would like to get started with subject specialistion and research already at Master's level? Then apply now for the summer semester 2020 and winter semester 2020/21.

In the TopMath-Program you generally start with your Elite Master. After two years in the Master's Program - the so-called PreDoc year - you and your mentor decide, whether you are ready to start in the PhD program of TopMath. 

Top Math: Your advantages

  • You receive 1:1 mentoring from a professor and are integrated into their reserach group.
  • You have early specialization with an individual study plan and "Independent Studies" as your teaching and learning format.
  • you study and research independantly - right from the start.
  • You receive financial support, in order to attend national and international workshops, conferences and math schools.
  • Supported reserach stays enable you to network on a professional level.  
  • You have the possibility to be employed as a scientific assistant in the Pre-Doc year.
  • Fast-Track: after completing your Bachelor degree, you can attain your PhD within four years (Dr. rer. nat.).

Top Math: Apply now

On successful completion of the TopMath programm, a wide range of occupations are open to you, depending on your interests, ii particular, science-based jobs at project and management level. 

Applications for starting studies in either the summer semester 2020 or the winter semester 2020/21 must be submitted by 1 December 2019. Applications must be made via  TUMonline (even if you wish to start in the summer semester, please enter "Wintersemester 2020/21" in the form).

Further information on the TopMath program and how to apply can be found under Topmath. If you have any unanswered questions, please write to: topmath (at)