Case Studies Discrete/Nonlinear Optimization

Case Studies Summer Semester 2023

5 March 2023 23:45 – 31 March 2023 00:00
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In the Case Studies Discrete/Nonlinear Optimization you apply your optimization knowledge to a real-world problem. You and your team will model, analyze and solve an optimization problem in cooperation with an industry partner.

Attention: Application Deadline this Sunday, 05 March!

Participants work in small groups of typically four people. The project work includes describing the problem mathematically, modeling it and analyzing its essential properties. On this basis, you will then develop possible algorithmic solutions, which you will implement as prototypes and test on real world data. You will present your results to both an internal and an external audience. Students receive intensive supervision and individual support.

As part of the case studies, we offer introductions to soft skills such as presentation techniques, project planning and team organization. Special emphasis is placed on linking mathematics with a concrete application. You will also train to discuss your progress and results in your project with people from other disciplines and with different educational backgrounds.

Case Studies Discrete/Nonlinear Optimization 2023

In the summer semester 2023, we expect to offer 3 projects each in discrete and nonlinear optimization, which will be carried out in cooperation with various industry partners or other research institutions.

The event is aimed at master students of the departments of mathematics, in particular students of the study programs "Mathematics in Operations Research", "Mathematics" with focus on "Optimization" and "Mathematics in Science and Engineering".

Preliminary Meeting

Details about the case studies, the application process, and planned projects have been provided at our preliminary meeting. For a summary of the most important points please review the following materials:


We expect to offer the following projects in the summer semester 2023:

  • Optimal Routing of Trains (nonlinear optimization)
  • Learning in Spiking Neural Networks  (nonlinear optimization)
  • Parameter Estimation from Measurements with Position Noise  (nonlinear optimization)
  • Order Batching in Retail Logistics (discrete optimization)
  • Charging Infrastructure for E-Mobility (discrete optimization)
  • School Timetabling (discrete optimization)

A brief description of the projects is available in the video recording of the preliminary meeting (see above).


Please email your application to michael.ritter (at) no later than 05 March 2023. The application should include the following information:

  • name, degree program and semester (in summer semester 2023)
  • relevant courses (optimization and, if applicable, other areas that you consider relevant) that you have successfully taken or are currently taking
  • programming skills (which programming languages do you know, on which level, which relevant courses have you taken, which projects have you already implemented)
  • Skills you consider particularly relevant to your favorite projects, if applicable.
  • language skills (especially English / German), knowledge / ability in organization, project management or similar fields
  • ranking of your favorite projects (i.e., which project would you like to do most, which would rank 2nd, etc.) - you may include as many projects from both Case Studies courses as you wish in your ranking.
  • If you would like to do a project with specific fellow students, feel free to let us know (and ask them to include your name in their application as well). We will try to accommodate your wishes, but we cannot guarantee it.