Mathematical Modeling and Scientific Computing

A workshop dedicated to the memory of Nikolai Botkin

4 October 2022 14:00 – 7 October 2022 12:00
MMSC 2022: Workshop on Mathematical Modeling and Scientific Computing - Titelbild

Whether mechanics, physics, biology or medicine - creating adequate mathematical models is part of the study of complex natural phenomena. On 4th to 7th October 2022, a workshop focusing on mathematical modeling, analysis and computer simulation of complex physical and biological processes and systems will take place virtually at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). 

The aim of the workshop is to get new innovative ideas and create synergies between the scientific research topics. The workshop aims at researchers and doctoral students in Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering. Have a look at the program.Details can be found at the MMSC 2022 webpage.

Workshop: Mathematical Modeling and Scientific Computing

The objective of the event is to create an interdisciplinary workshop, which brings together international experts working on mathematical models from various fields. These fields include control theory, material science, medicine, and aerospace, to name a few. Despite the different applications of mathematical models, the underlying concepts related to the modelling of complex processes and systems share many common features. 

The same holds for the application of scientific computing methods for the numerical implementation of the mathematical models. These methods nowadays constitute an integral part of the research task in applied fields. Topics such as parallel computing on high performance computer systems and the use of shared memory architectures are vital e.g. for the solution of partial differential equations arising in various fields. Rapidly developing technologies like machine learning methods became indispensable in data analysis. 

In memory of Dr. Nikolai Botkin

The second international workshop on Mathematical Modeling and Scientific Computing (MMSC) dedicated to the memory of  the TUM mathematician Dr. Nikolai Botkin (22 March 1956 - 14 September 2019). The first workshop took place in November 2020; the proceedings of the workshop have been published at MMSC 2020. Botkin made significant contributions:

  • to the creation and mathematical analysis of models
  • to developing numerical methods and algorithms for the optimal control of ordinary and distributed systems
  • to elasticity theory, hydrodynamics, thermodynamics and homogenization theory

Botkin's results from numerous scientific projects have been published in more than 200 works and are well deservedly acknowledged by experts.