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22 October 2020
Dynamics of a function from the Arnold family

Dynamics of a function from the Arnold family

Workshops and conferences worldwide have been cancelled due to the corona virus. The pandemic is a challenge for science, too – and simultaneously, it holds opportunities: With the "One World Projects" new mathematical workshops, seminars and schools have been created to connect researchers worldwide.

The TUM mathematicians Dr. Christian Bick, Prof. Christian Kühn and Prof. Johannes Zimmer launched the One World Dynamics Seminar joint with five other internationally renowned colleagues.

One World Dynamics Seminar

The One World Dynamics Seminar series covers the entire range of dynamical systems. Its goals are to describe the latest developments in the field of dynamics and to foster knowledge exchange.

Each session consists of two talks. The first lecture is aimed at a broad audience in the community of dynamical systems and provides the framework for the second, more specialized lecture. More than 100 interested people attended the first session on 11 September 2020.

The One World Dynamics Seminars take place on the second Friday of each month. The next session will take on 13 November 2020 on the topic of "Multiscale dynamical systems".

One World Projects

The One World Probability Project pioneered the One World series, which is supported by the Bernoulli Society and the Institute for Mathematical Statistics. Volunteers from all over the world give the seminar lectures, organize schools and design websites.

The online events bring together researchers in a virtual and integrative environment. They can exchange research results - without costly, time-consuming and environmentally harmful long-distance travel. In this way, the One World Projects make it possible for almost everyone to participate.

The One World Probability Project has inspired many other One World series: List of the One World Projects.