Munich Data Science Institute takes off

Leading center for machine learning

8 December 2020
Wissenschaftler*innen arbeiten am Tisch zusammen

Data Sciences are changing research, business and society - across all disciplines. This is why the Technical University of Munich (TUM) is now consolidating its expertise within the Munich Data Science Institute (MDSI).

One member of the board of directors is Massimo Fornasier, Professor of Applied Numerical Analysis at the Department of Mathematics, alongside professors from Informatics, Medicine, Aerospace and Geodesy.

Driving innovations forward together

The TUM is active in a broad spectrum of subjects that is unique in Europe and enjoys a first-rate international reputation in Informatics and AI research. The Munich Data Science Institute unites the data-based research activities distributed over several sites in a single location on the Garching campus.

As an Integrative Research Center, the MDSI will bundle TUM expertise in the fields of Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in current application fields, where the use of the Data Sciences can be expected to result in transformative quantum leaps in new developments.

Models validate hypotheses

Advances in the data sciences and technologies of high-performance computing have led to mathematical models increasingly replacing elaborate experiments in order to gain cognitive insights.

With the central theme "Computational Science & Engineering across Scales", the MDSI focuses on specific research questions such as

  • imaging methodologies for personalized medicine,
  • predictions of natural phenomena,
  • sustainable planning and construction,
  • new functional materials,
  • batteries with increased energy efficiency, or
  • the dynamics of societal, political and economic systems.

The MDSI will bring together researchers from the entire TUM spectrum of subjects in order to generate new fundamental theories and methods based on core mathematical, statistical and computer science topics of data analysis.

Central hub for professional data management

In addition, the MDSI is developing a professional data management system for as many fields of application as possible. "In this context the MDSI will provide professional advice and scientific support on data-scientific questions to TUM research teams in fields ranging from genome research all the way to engineering," says Prof. Thomas F. Hofmann, President of TUM. In the future, the MDSI will bring together the expertise of data-intensive research alliance projects such as German Research Foundation Excellence Clusters, Collaborative Research Centers or Transregios.

In addition, the MDSI will actively participate in the substantive conceptual design of curricula for cross-faculty teaching, educating young scientists and enabling further education in the field of data sciences in close cooperation with the TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning.

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