AdONE secures second funding period

Research Training Group Advanced Optimization in a Networked Economy 

30 November 2021
AdONE - Advanced Optimization in a Networked Economy (Logo)

The German Research Foundation (DFG) has awarded another 3 Million Euros to the Technical University of Munich (TUM) based Research Training Group AdONE GRK 2201 (Advanced Optimization in a Networked Economy). This enables AdONE to support the next generation of scientists for an additional 4.5 years. 

Scientists and Doctoral students of the Departments of Mathematics and Informatics as well as the School of Management are members of the Research Training Group AdONE. 

Optimization of logistics, transport and mobility

Since 2017, the participating researchers and doctoral students have been working together to develop innovative mathematical methods for the optimal allocation and coordination of resources in modern logistical networks, transportation, and mobility systems. 

With applications in airport operations, auction mechanisms, autonomous mobility, car sharing systems, production planning, vehicle routing, or warehousing, AdONE creates the scientific foundations for the continued economic success of many companies in a rapidly changing economic environment. 

Interdisciplinary doctoral program AdONE

Doctoral students find optimal conditions for their doctorate within the framework of the Research Training Group: Embedded in a large research project and an interdisciplinary network of scientists, they can focus on their research and receive financial support for three years. 

At the same time, they undergo a qualification program that supports them in their research and prepares them for various career paths through the acquisition of interdisciplinary skills. The Research Training Group AdONE also provides other doctoral students with similar interests access to its network and events.