Munich Dual Career

Network for Mobile Employee Partners

11 March 2021
Flyer International Dual Career Network (IDCN) Munich: Text: "Facilitating professional integration for Mobile Employee Partners in the Munich Metropolitan Region"

A professional local network is essential to reorient professionally in a new city. Joining International Dual Career Network (IDCN) Munich will provide partners of our academic employees career events, webinars and networking opportunities.

Who is IDCN Munich?

IDCN Munich is an association of international organizations and corporations facilitating the integration of mobile employee partners through awareness, guidance and professional networking. It offers dual career partners a platform to actively promote the development of a professional network and to make their talents and skills visible.

In concrete terms, it works like this: Dual Career Partners can register with IDCN Munich. They will then receive an informative Welcome Package and an invitation to our first webinar on 16 March 2021. In addition, they can upload their profile to the IDCN Munich Talent Pool, participate in further events and get involved as volunteers.

Who can join IDCN Munich?

IDCN Munich is open to all academic staff (from doctoral students to postdocs and professors). All dual career partners of these TUM employees who are new to Munich or who started here last year may register. There are no costs for the employees and dual career partners.

What to expect

  • High Quality career events, webinars and workshops
  • Facilitate professional integration
  • Build professional network and meet recruiters
  • Increase awareness of local job market tactics
  • Learn about the local work culture
  • Maintain professional development and learn new skills through volunteering

For more information, please contact munich (at)