Rankings 2020

University Rankings 2020

19 November 2020
Forscherin an der TUM

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) holds leading positions in the university rankings 2020. The renowned "THE World University Ranking" places the Technical University of Munich among the 3 best universities in the EU. Furthermore, TUM graduates are in demand worldwide.

"Global University Employability Ranking": 3rd place in Europe

Graduates of the Technical University of Munich are among the most sought-after on the international job market. This is shown by the 12th place in the current Global University Employability Ranking, a survey of around 9.000 human resources managers in 22 countries.

Within Europe, only the University of Cambridge (rank 4) and the University of Oxford (rank 5) are placed ahead of TUM.

Best German TU in "THE Ranking"

In the World University Ranking 2020 of the British magazine "Times Higher Education", TUM has moved up two places as compared with the previous year and is now ranked 41st. Thus, the 2 Munich universities TUM and LMU are once again at the top in Germany. In the European Union, TUM reaches the 3rd best position behind the Swedish Karolinska Institute (36th).

The THE ranking takes various factors into account:

  • Reputation of the universities in research and teaching
  • Number of publications per researcher
  • citations per publication
  • the teacher-student ratio
  • third-party funding raised from the private sector
  • degree of internationalization

The THE World University Rankings by Subject assigns TUM 25th place in mathematics & statistics worldwide. This makes it the best technical university in Germany, and one of the top 10 in Europe. The physical sciences in general are also ranked place 25. In addition to mathematics, the field includes chemistry, physics, astronomy and geology.

Shanghai Ranking's Academic Ranking of World Universities

In the "Shanghai Ranking", the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2020, the TUM is once again the best ranked Technical University (TU) in Germany and the only German TU in the top 100. In the annually published university ranking list, TUM moves up to rank 54 worldwide.

The Shanghai Ranking assesses the research work of universities worldwide. Key criteria include the number of papers published in important journals such as Nature and Science, the citation impact of scientists at an institution and the number of Nobel laureates and winners of the Fields Medal – one of the most prestigious mathematics awards.

TUM is one of 4 German universities in the top 100: among them are the Ludwigs-Maximilians-Universität in Munich (51) and the Universities of Heidelberg (57) and Bonn (87). With rank 8, the university also holds a top position within the EU. TUM is once again the best technical university in Germany and, together with the University of Paris-Saclay (14), ETH Zurich (20) and Imperial College London (25), is one of the four best TUs in Europe.

TUM Mathematics: 1st place among German TUs

Moreover, recently published academic subject rankings, also prepared by the Shanghai Ranking Consultancy, confirm that the high quality of research in various fields at TUM compares favorably with top international institutions. In the Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2020 – Mathematics, TUM Mathematics is number 1 among the German TUs. As 3rd place it is one of 4 German universities among the TOP 100.

In the "CHE Ranking", TUM Mathematics has been in the top group since 2018 - inter alia in the areas of "support at the beginning of studies" and "general study situation". In this ranking, the Center for Higher Education Development (CHE) evaluates various subjects at more than 300 universities every 3 years. 

QS World University Ranking

The TUM Department of Mathematics scores particularly well in the "QS World University Rankings by Subject - Mathematics": Here, the TUM Mathematics is ranked first among German universities in 2020.

The "QS World University Ranking" was published in mid-year for 2021. In the ranking, the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has improved to 50th place, making it the best German university for the 6th time in a row.

Further ranking results of the Technical University of Munich can be found on "TUM in Rankings".