Studying mathematics at TUM is great

CHE university rankings 2021

11 May 2021
3 Studentinnen an der TUM schauen in ein Notebook.

Students of mathematics have given the Technischen Universität München (TUM) a very good report. For the ranking of the Center for University Development (CHE) numerous aspects of the study programs and accompanying conditions are evaluated. In almost all aspects, the Department of Mathematics can be found in the top bracket of the results. 

Very good support and infrastructure

Our students are very content with the general study situation. Mathematics students judge the overall conditions for studying as very good, in particular the teaching offered, the training of scientific skills and the support for planing studies abroad. Also support structures such as rooms, library services and the IT infrastructure find much praise. 

Furthermore, areas such as study support, study organisation and exams are positively evaluated. The department is seen to be very good in supporting students at the beginning of their studies, bachelor degrees are completed in an appropriate time span and the number of PhD degrees attained per professor is above average.

The CHE university rankings

Every three years, the CHE compares individual subjects on more than 300 higher education institutions and publishes the results on the website ZEIT Campus as well as in the ZEIT Studienführer, mainly in order give orientation to those looking to start a university degree. For the survey, the Center questions approximately 120.000 current students and evaluates a diverse range of key themes. 

In about 30 categories, which vary between subject groups, the universities are divided into three groups: Leading, middle and tail-end groups. The methods used in the CHE university rankings are explained on the website  CHE Ranking Methods.

Excellent grades for the TUM

In the 2021 rankings, the TUM has made the leading group in many fields and subjects. Students evaluate the general study situation as very good also in the departments of Chemistry, Informatics, Medicine and Political Sciences. In other universal categories such as the teaching offers and study organisation the students also gave the TUM top grades. 

The TUM is frequently listed in the leading group with regard to the support given to first semester students and for the attaining of bachelor degrees in an appropriate time frame, for the scientific training within the structure of the study programs, as well as for the library and IT infrastructures.  

CHE Ranking Siegel