Richard-von-Mises Prize for Christian Kühn

Award for outstanding work

2 July 2017
Prof. Dr. Christian Kuehn
Prof. Christian Kühn receives the Richard-von-Mises Prize 2017 - for his scientific achievements in the field of applied mathematics. Congratulations!


Professor Dr. Christian Kühn wins the Richard-von-Mises Prize 2017 of the  Gesellschaft für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik (GAMM). He receives the award for his outstanding scientific work on the instabilities and patterns in stochastic and multiscale systems using a combination of analytical and numerical methods of nonlinear dynamics. 

Significant advances in applications

The prize is for the promotion of younger scientists whose research represents significant advances in the field of applied mathematics and mechanics.

Christian Kühn is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Mathematics since 2016 and holds the Lichtenberg-Professorship for Multiscales and Stochastic Dynamics.