Honorary Doctorate for Herbert Spohn

Awarded by the Université Paris Diderot

8 November 2017
Ehrendoktor für Prof. Dr. Herbert Spohn

Congratulations to Prof. Herbert Spohn. The Université Paris Diderot awards him an honorary doctorate - for his inspiring research.


The Paris University justifies the award with its diverse and fundamental research contributions at the interface of mathematics and physics.

Combination of mathematics and physical intuition

Prof. Herbert Spohn achieved his main results in statistical mechanics - in the classical framework and in the context of quantum mechanics. The eulogy emphasizes that Herbert Spohn uniquely understands how to combine the rigorous power of mathematics with physical intuition. His work is more than ever, an important source of inspiration for the entire scientific community in these fields.

Prof. Spohn: groundbreaking research

The Emeritus Professor of the Department of Mathematics has carried out numerous research projects in statistical physics and in particular in the statistical mechanics of non-equilibrium ("Drift Diffusion Systems"). He is one of the pioneers and key players in the theory of stochastic growth processes and KPT theory.

His contributions to surface dynamics for models of statistical mechanics in equilibrium are also major advances that opened a new research direction at the boundary of probability theory, analysis, and physics.