ERC Consolidator Grant for Eva Viehmann

"Newton Strata" Award

30 May 2018
ERC Consolidator Grant für Eva Viehmann

Excellent! Prof. Eva Viehmann has received the ERC Consolidator Grant from the European Research Council (ERC), for her studies on Newton strata.

Eva Viehmann is Professor of Arithmetic Geometry at the Department of Mathematics. As part of her ERC project "Newton strata - geometry and representations" she is working on the Shimura varieties and the Newton stratification.

New findings for the Langlands program

Shimura varieties are geometric objects that can be used to explore concepts that underlie the Langlands program. This describes a series of mathematical conjectures that combine number and representation theory.

Viehmann studies Shimura varieties using Newton stratification. Newton strata break down Shimura varieties into finitely many parts. In the next few years, Viehmann wants to describe the geometry of Newton Strata and gain new insights for the Langlands program.  

84 ERC grants for TUM researchers

The ERC Consolidator Grants are awarded to outstanding researchers who graduated seven to twelve years ago. The ERC supports its projects with up to two million euros over a period of five years.

Four further research projects at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) convince the European Research Council (ERC) and are funded with so-called Consolidator Grants. The projects are from the fields of nanosciences, solid state physics, molecular biology and cosmology. As early as August 2017, six TUM members were each awarded an ERC Starting Grant. The Consolidator Grants increase the number of ERC grants at TUM to 84.  

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