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Experience mathematics to touch

16 March 2021
Schüler im ix-quadrat

Making mathematics something one can grasp - that is the mission of our hands-on exhibition ix-quadrat. But unfortunately, the ix-quadrat is currently closed due to the Corona pandemic. Because we want to get you and your group excited about mathematics even in the current situation, we now offer online tours.

Virtual tours through the ix-quadrat

Whether you are a school class, nursery children or any other interested group - we are happy to offer you a virtual visit. You will get to know our exhibits and learn exciting facts about mathematics. With web programs and handicraft activities, you as a visitor can also get into action yourself.

This offer is also suitable for schools with alternating lessons. Simply contact us by e-mail at ix-quadrat (at) ma.tum.de. We will then arrange the contents and a date. The ix-quadrat is suitable for visitors of all ages with and without prior knowledge.

About the ix-quadrat


Since November 2002, the mathematics exhibition ix-quadrat -  conceived, curated and headed by Professor Jürgen Richter-Gebert - has opened at the Center for Mathematics at TUM in Garching.

With more than 50 exhibits, the ix-quadrat provides first hand insights into mathematics. Abstract things become concrete. "Aha!" effects are guaranteed. In addition, we offer unusual and award-winning digital formats. The online possibilities are constantly increasing.

By the way: You can find mathematics to touch and do at home at math-for-kids.org.