Golden Circle 2020

Mathematics teaching awards in Corona pandemic

9 February 2021

Golden circles and other awards at the summer 2018 graduation ceremony

Teaching at the screen: The summer semester 2020 was different from all previous ones due to the Corona pandemic. The mathematics student council reacts to this and awards the teaching prize "Golden Circle" for three new categories. We congratulate the winners and thank the student council!

Every semester, the best lecturers of the Department of Mathematics receive the Golden Circle for the Best Basic and Advanced Lecture as well as the Best Practical Course. The award is then presented by the student council during the graduation ceremony. Usually.

The past academic year was not as usual: Both graduation ceremonies had to be cancelled and all courses had to be reorganized. The mathematics student council also presented the teaching awards for the 2019/20 winter semester in an unusual way. It is now awarding the Golden Circles for the summer semester for the following categories:

Best Digital Concept

First place is occupied by the lecture "Linear and Convex Optimization" by Prof. Peter Gritzmann, Anja Kirschbaum and Maximilian Fiedler. The lecturers have mastered the transition to digital teaching excellently through

  • a combination of comprehensible lectures and explanatory videos,
  • multiple-choice and Moodle tests for control,
  • Breakout rooms in the live exercises, and
  • Soliciting and considering feedback.

Innovative Use of the Technical Possibilities

First place for their elaborately produced instructional videos goes to Prof. Tim Hoffmann with "Differential Geometry: Fundamentals" and Prof. Jürgen Richter-Gebert with "Projective Geometry." Both create excitement with vivid animations and effects and recognition value through uniform structure. The fact that the professors are permanently visible gives the lectures a personal character.

Best Digital Communication and Support

The Service Office Studies was awarded first place for its successful concept. Students felt they received excellent individual support and were always comprehensively informed - for example, through websites, e-mails or information events. The free distribution of scripts and a regular online get-together were also well received by the students.

In all categories, the student council awards a 2nd and 3rd place. In addition, it highlights other courses. You can read which ones in the article of the student council about the golden circle in the summer semester 2020.