FiMaTUM Alumni Club

Network for (financial) mathematicians

2 November 2020
FiMaTUM Alumni Club - Grafik vernetzte Welt und Logo des FiMa Alumni Clubs

Do you want to strengthen your network with TUM alumni and advance your career? We would like to introduce an initiative to you that offers you these opportunities: the FiMaTUM Alumni Club.

The FiMaTUM Alumni Club is a network for past and current TUM students in the subjects of Mathematics, Mathematical Finance and TUM students of other majors with a legitimate interest in the fields of Mathematics or Finance.

Since our foundation in July 2019, we organize events in which alumni talk about their careers, set up social events, and provide support for students looking for opportunities to start their professional life (e.g. through internships). We are an active community in which anyone can and is encouraged to contribute.

Networking worldwide with our TUM Alumni

TUM Alumni have interesting careers all over the world. Wouldn’t it be great, if a job opportunity takes you to London or New York, to have contacts from TUM nearby already? This is one of the ideas, which motivate us. However, there are many reasons to become part the FiMaTUM Alumni Club:

  • Perhaps you would enjoy the opportunity to share your experiences with the current generation of students.
  • Perhaps you are in a management position and want to popularize your company among TUM students – or acquire one of our talents.
  • Perhaps you are looking to take the next step in your own career, or you simply want to take share in the network.

Join in! You can find additional information on FiMaTUM Alumni Club. If you have any questions, please write to (at) We are excited to hear back from you!