FACETS of Mathematicians #4

Topic: May12 - Celebrating Women in Mathematics

12 May 2020 07:00 – 23:45
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Let’s dedicate the 12 May 2020 to celebrating Women in Mathematics as part of the intiative may12.womeninmaths.org. Everyone is welcome!

May12 - Celebrating Women in Mathematics

Why May 12? It was Maryam Mirzakhani’s birthday, who was the first female Fields medalist! Due to the physical distancing measures, unfortunately we cannot celebrate together, but we invite you to watch the movie "Secrets of the Surface: The Mathematical Vision of Maryam Mirzakhani", which is free to stream until 19 May 2020.

Just register for an individual screening at https://may12.womeninmaths.org/screening-secrets and please list "FACETS, Department of Mathematics, Technical University, Munich" as the "Organizer name".

Share your thoughts and comments

It would be nice to share thoughts and comments, for example in the new facets chat. Join at https://chat.tum.de/invite/K6ufNz and post your impressions, questions, or a photo of yourself during screening. In case you encounter problems with this link, please contact facets (at) ma.tum.de.

To celebrate ALL women in mathematics: please share with us about other female mathematicians as well - perhaps a historical mathematician, someone whose math you admire or has been important or influential to you, and why.

Please, visit our website for details on FACETS of Mathematicians