FACETS of Mathematicians #3

Topic: How to keep in touch in isolation

29 April 2020 16:00
FACETS of Mathematicians - Logo und Pop-Art-Bild von Emmy Noether

We like to meet you on Wednesday, 29 April, at 16:00 (virtually of course) for the next FACETS event. We’d like to discuss "How to keep in touch in isolation?" during these uncertain times. Everybody is welcome!

How to keep touch in isolation?

Some of us are isolating alone or just with one other person, often far from their families, partners, and close friends. Perhaps you are stuck in a different country from where you usually live, or from your family. Or you are worried about older family members or people at risk. Perhaps someone you know is sick.

We’d like to ask you and discuss strategies and experiences: How to keep in touch in isolation? How do you cope with the current situation and uncertainties? And simply: how are you doing?


Attend the FACETS meeting

Please tell us you are planning to come at https://terminplaner4.dfn.de/ZQ1ByfuwfDxxAtES. Join us on Wednesday at 16:00 at https://bbb.ma.tum.de/nad-gkf-qc3. The password is available to everyone upon request.

Please, visit our website for details on FACETS of Mathematicians