FACETS Meet & Greet 2021

Meet & Greet in Math@TUM

21 October 2021 14:30
FACETS of Mathematicians - Logo und Pop-Art-Bild von Emmy Noether

Mathematicians watch out! On 21st of October 2021 we will meet for a FACETS Meet & Greet in Math@TUM. We are planning to meet in person outside the math building in the area with the seating next to the bistro (first floor in between corridor 8 and 10) at 14:30. 

The meeting will be held as part of the initiative FACETS of Mathematicians. The organizers are Claudia Scheimbauer, Nada Sissouno and Stefan Weltge. We'd like to catch up and hear your input about topics you'd like to discuss during next FACETS events. Everyone from PhD students, postdocs, to professors is welcome.