enigame - not just any game

2-day puzzle challenge at the TUM

25 October 2019 16:00 – 26 October 2019 21:00
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Challenged from the first to the last minute: using logic, unconventional thinking and team spirit you can come along way in the puzzle rally enigame. Are you ready to take on the challenge?

enigame takes place on Friday, 25 October and Saturday, 26 October 2019, at the Technical University of Munich on the Garching Research Campus, Boltzmannstraße 3. Play starts at 4pm in lecture theatre 1 in the buildling of the Departments of Mathematics and Informatics. The organisers are members of the Department of Mathematics. 

Start the adventure with your team

A challenge for passionate code breakers. Put the puzzle together and reach the top with your team - that is the goal of enigame. To win the challenge you must solve a series of audio, visual, text-based and cryptographic problems, which are distributed over the whole campus.  

Simliar to popular escape games, the teams collect information in order to be form an answer or password with which they can advance to the next level. Sometimes the information can be found in the internet, sometimes you are given tips. 

You want to know, what kind of puzzles need to be solved? Here you can have a look at a demonstration video, and try out some similar challenges.

Enigame – how it works

enigame is played in two episodes, one on each day. The winning team of the second episode wins the puzzle hunt. The first episode has to be completed, before you can start the second. The three teams who complete the first episode fastest, get an advantage for episode 2 on the next day. 

It's very easy to take part in enigame: simply download the  App, register, put a team together or join one in Discord. Each team may only have a maximum of 10 players.  By the way: in Discord you can also find the latest information on the forthcoming challenge. Other than your team players, you only need a laptop - and of course, a cool head. The number of players in limited to 500 altogether.  

Further Information can be found under enigame.

What's the background to enigame?

The puzzle challenge from the USA is probably familiar to some: enigame is a hommage on the popular Arcane Game. Similar puzzle hunts are organised by other universties such as Stanford University, California. enigame brings the challenging game tot he TUM for the first time.  Organisers are colleagues and alumni of our Department.   

Why TUM Department of Mathematics?Quite by chance, Dr. Georg Wechslberger got involved in a puzzle hunt event in Sweden more than 10 years ago, and enjoyed it so much, that he has been to the event every year since then, together with a team of TUM doctorate students and alumni. Together with his colleagues, he decided to bring the event to Munich. Prof. Tim Hoffmann, Dr. Benedict Dingfelder, Lukas Grillmayer, Dr. Katharina Schaar, Leonard Schlag, Katharina Selig, Dr. Karin Tichmann and Dr. Georg Wechslberger are all involved in the organisation.  Enjoy!