Discrete Systems and Calculus of Variations

Workshop with internationally renowned speakers

7 November 2022 09:27 – 11 November 2022 13:12
Model: Conference: Discrete Systems and Calculus of Variations

Curvature in Differential Geometry: A discrete minimal surface

A conference on "Discrete Systems and Calculus of Variations" will take place at the TUM Department of Mathematics from 7 to 11 November 2022 with talks from numerous experts on the related theories. 

Within the SFB Transregio 109 Discretization in Geometry and Dynamics, the TUM Professors Marco Cicalese, Gero Friesecke and Daniel Matthes have invited international experts in mathematical analysis and applied mathematics for a conference aimed at exploring recent advances in the field, identifying current problems and fostering active interdisciplinary research. 

The conference is open to all, participation is free; registration is however necessary by 16 October 2022. Further information and registration at Discrete Systems and Calculus of Variations.