Certificate Program Data Science starts

Further education course for professionals

15 July 2022
Prof. Matthias Scherer welcomes the participants of the Data Science certificate course.

Prof. Matthias Scherer welcomes the participants of the Data Science certification program.

In June and July 2022 the certification program "Data Science" is taking place for the first time. In this program, a group of leading specialists from a wide variety of business fields are updating their scientific knowledge. The participants familiarize themselves with modern methods and software for the processing, visualizing and analyzing of company data.   

In this way, the course offers support for one of the largest challenges of our time: companies and organizations are continually creating seemingly endless amounts of data. In order to make strategic decisions, the data must be evaluated in a useful manner. Well-trained data scientists and analysts are indispensable in this process. Professors of the Department of Mathematics at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have therefore joined up with the TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning and the Munich Data Science Institute of the TUM to create and present this unique certification program. 

Team work of the Department of Mathematics

Dr. Stephan Haug hält das erste Modul des Programms Data Science

Introduction to R: Dr. Stephan Haug holds the first module of the Data Science program.

After an intensive planing and preparation phase, the academic heads of the program, Prof. Matthias Scherer and Prof. Mathias Drton are delighted to open the first course. The  Data Science course program has been conceived by a team at the Department of Mathematics at the TUM: the content lies on the interface between computer science and mathematics, and offers a broad perspective on data science. A variety of mathematical subject fields, such as optimization, insurance mathematics and statistics, are included in the certification program. 11 scientists of the Department of Mathematics are involved as lecturers. 

The Data Science program takes place both in a virtual form and also in presence at the Research Campus in Garching. In six modules on nine course days, the participants learn key skills in the field of data science. Our experts introduce them to fundamental statistical principles, widely used statistical methods and modern predictive methods within machine learning. Further, tools for optimization and randomization are demonstrated, with which large data analytical problems can be dealt with. Selected application examples illustrate the relevancy of the tools and methods. At the end of the course, the participants take an exam - we wish them good luck!

Are you interested in the certification program?  Find out more from the TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning under Certification Program Data Science.

Teilnehmende des Zertifikatskurses Data Science essen gemeinsam Mittag.

Participants of the Data Science certificate course have lunch together.