Fabian Theis at Campus Talks

Single cell analysis in 12 minutes

5 June 2018
Fabian Theis bei Campus Talks
The single cell analysis in 12 minutes. In the series 'Campus Talks' broadcast on the channel ARD-alpha, Professor Dr. Fabian Theis explains how algorithems and big data can help cure illness. 


In the program "Campus Talks", scientists have the opportunity to present their research work within a 13 minute talk. However, Power Point and manuscripts are tabu - the scientists have to speak freely without notes. Within this series, Professor Dr. Fabian Theis from the TUM Department of Mathematics gave a talk on 8.5.2018. Missed out? No problem - here is the video of his talk from the BR-Mediathek:


The question and answer round after the talk, and other information can be found here:  Wie Algorithmen und Big Data helfen, Krankheiten zu heilen.

You can also watch the talks of two other TUM maths professors here:

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