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The most important European research prize went to the professors:

  • Robert König: ERC Consolidator Grant "Enhanced quantum information processing targeting the near term" (2020)
  • Mathias Drton: ERC Advanced Grant "Graphical Models for Complex Multivariate Data" (2020)
  • Eva Viehmann: ERC Consolidator Grant "Newton strata - geometry and representations" (2017)
  • Christian Liedtke: ERC Consolidator Grant "K3CRYSTAL" (2016)
  • Massimo Fornasier: ERC Starting Grant "High-Dimensional Sparse Optimal Control" (2012)
  • Eva Viehmann: ERC Starting Grant "Moduli Spaces of Local G-shtukas" (2011)
  • Fabian Theis: ERC Starting Grant "Modelling latent causes in molecular networks (LatentCauses)" (2010)
  • Noam Berger: ERC Starting Grant "Limit theorems for processes in random media"  (2009)

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