Prizes & Awards

New awards

A selection of further prizes and awards

Humboldt Research Award 2010 awarded to Professor Andreas Schulz.

Henri Poincaré Prize of the International Association of Mathematical Physics 2015 awarded to Professor Herbert Spohn.

START award (FWF - Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung) 2009 for Professor Massimo Fornasier.

Young Elite Researcher’s Award of the Danish Council for Independent Research 2008 to Professor Michael Wolf.

Medallion Lectures of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS) in 2009 Professor Claudia Klüppelberg and 2014 Professor Nina Gantert.

GAUSS-Prize 2012 of the Deutschen Aktuarvereinigung (DAV) awarded to Professor Rudi Zagst.

Erwin Schrödinger Prize of the Stifterverbandes 2007 to Professor Christina Kuttler and Professor Johannes Müller.

Howard Rosenbrock Prize 2015 awarded to Professor Michael Ulbrich together with Dr. Moritz Simon.

Whitehead-Preis of the London Mathematical Society (LMS) awarded 1999 to Professor Gero Friesecke.

von Karven-Ehrenpreis of the DFG awarded 2012 to Professor Eva Viehmann.

EURO Excellence in Practice Award 2013 for Professor Peter Gritzmann together with Dr. Steffen Borgward and Professor Dr. Andreas Brieden (UniBw München).

Georg-Cantor Medaille warded 2014 to Professor Herbert Spohn. The Cantor-Medaille is the highest scientific accolade of the   DMV, awarded only every two years at the most.