Department Colloquium

International researchers present their curent work at the Colloquium of the Department of Mathematics - on selected Wednesdays in Lecture Hall 3 (MI 00.06.011). During the break, coffee, tea and pretzels will be served in the Magistrale. We cordially invite all interested parties. 

The department colloquium will be held on the following Wednesday afternoons:


Juni 28th, 2023: 

14:30 -15:30 Speaker: Andreas Wiese, TUM (inaugural lecture)

16:00 - 17:00 Speaker: Claudia Scheimbauer, TUM (inaugural lecture)

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Dates and archive

Fakultätskolloquium: Menschen im Hörsaal

Department Colloquium Winter 2022/23

International researchers present their topics at the Faculty Colloquium of Mathematics on selected Wednesdays. We cordially invite all interested parties.