Vacation Seminar of the Hurwitz Society

Each fall, the Hurwitz Society hosts a vacation seminar for students in their 4th semester and above. Here students get to know their lecturers and other members of our Department in a relaxed atmosphere. 

The next Vacation Seminar takes place as a block event from 5 to 9 September 2022 (Monday to Friday), at the TUM Akademiezentrum Raitenhaslach and is recognized as a seminar in the course of study. 

Topics and lecturers

Modelling Epidemic Network Dynamics (Prof. Dr. Christian Kühn)

Due to the way, a contagion spreads in a population, epidemics are best modelled as a particular stochastic process on a network. Moreover, also as in many other complex systems, the behaviour of these systems depends fundamentally on the network. In this seminar, we shall discuss how we can model epidemics from a mathematical point of view. We will start with microscopic models and from there derive macroscopic, so-called mean-field, models that will resemble the classical models introduced by Kermack and McKendrick. Finally, we shall also discuss recent work on more complex and higher-order networks. While in this seminar, we focus on epidemic dynamics, the methods used also apply more widely to models of consensus formation and neuronal dynamics.

Unendlich-dimensionale Vektorräume (Dr. Frank Hofmaier)

Im Gegensatz zu den endlichdimensionalen Räumen, die uns aus den ersten Semestern oder auch schon aus der Schule bekannt sind, spielen in vielen Anwndungen (z.B. partielle Differentialgleichungen oder Funktionalanalysis) unendlichdimensionale Vektorräume eine große Rolle. Manche davon sind uns auch schon kurz begegnet, etwa Räume stetiger Funktionen oder Räume, deren Elemente gewisse Zahlenfolgen sind. Wir wollen in diesem Seminar untersuchen, in welchen Aspekten sich die unendlichdimensionalen Räume von den endlichdimensionalen unterscheiden und auch welche Eigenschaften gleichermaßen auf endlich- und unendlichdimensionalen Räumen zutreffen.


Registration is already closed.


The seminar is divided into two topics that are covered in parallel. You decide in advance which of the two you would like to attend.

Together with all participants, you can expect

  • more lectures on mathematical research topics,
  • a "fireside chat" in the evening with an external talk "from professional life" on what you can expect after your studies, 
  • as well as an excursion and 
  • the final round.

In addition, there will of course also be the opportunity to talk about mathematical and non-mathematical topics outside the lectures.

Financial Support

The costs for the seminar, accommodation and meals (except dinner) are completely covered; a not insignificant part of the costs is borne by the Hurwitz Society. An equally large contribution will also be made from student grant funds, since this is an extraordinary event for the improvement of teaching.

Travel to and from the seminar is to be organized and financed by the participants themselves. The seminar will take place at the TUM Akademiezentrum Raitenhaslach with overnight accommodation in Burghausen, about 5 kilometers away.