Global Challenges for Women in Math Science

The program Global Challenges for Women in Math Science aims at promoting and demonstrating excellency of female mathematicians as well as developing international contacts and cooperations. There are two award categories, each with different levels - the Achievement and the Entrepreneurial Awards.


Achievement Awards

The best mathematics female students at the levels Bachelor and Masters receive a prize in the form of financial support for enhancing mathematical education or presenting research results.

These awards are granted on the basis of the students' grades and will be selected by the students service office. The chosen students will be contacted in November each year.


Prof. Claudia Czado

Prof. Claudia Czado


Room PR 2.01.17
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Dr. Isabella Wiegand

Dr. Isabella Wiegand



Room MI 03.12.018
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Women in Math Science introduce themselves

Yiyao Chen, Klinik und Poliklinik für Nuklearmedizin, Gewinnerin des Entrepreneurial Awards des Programm der "Global Challenges for Women in Math Science"

"Many cancer risk models are constructed with data from prior clinical trials and used to provide the probability of cancer for future samples. The ability to provide effective predictions for various new samples is a key measure of model performance that can only be assessed in external validation. Therefore, external validation is an essential step in cancer risk model development.

To better understand what would happen in validation experiments if the training and test samples are similar, we introduce a validation method that incorporates the quantification of similarity across samples into the analysis, which is inspired by the casual inference theory. Such approach can remedy the deficiencies of current fashions in this field that ignore the heterogeneity between data sets and its results can be better interpreted.

The Entrepreneurial Award will be used to attend the 62nd International Statistical Institute (ISI) World Statistics Congress, in which I would like to have an opportunity to present and discuss my project."

Yiyao Chen, Clinic and Polyclinic for Nuclear Medicine

Dr. Anette Moeller

"In weather prediction, ensemble prediction systems (EPS) typically generate probabilistic forecast ensembles. Each ensemble member is the output of a numerical weather prediction (NWP) model. Statistical post-processing models improve the reliability of the prediction.

In our research project we develop new models that explore the dependence structure between weather variables and their ensemble forecasts with so-called Vine Copulas in a data driven way. We have already developed a model for improved temperature forecasts and are now planning to predict wind speed and precipitation under spatial or temporal dependencies or extreme weather events.

We spent the money provided by the Entrepreneurial Award of the "Global Challenges for Women in Math Science" program for two research visits for collaboration with Claudia Czado's working group at TUM. In addition, in 2018, I gave talks on our project at two conferences."

Dr. Anette Moeller, TU Clausthal

Dr. Alexandra Neamtu

"In my project, I study dynamic properties and the long-term behavior of stochastic differential equations.This modern research topic makes it possible to model complex systems from the natural sciences, engineering and economics. Random influences are characterized by special Gaussian processes, such as the fractal Brownian motion.

We published the first results in the preprint "Rough center manifolds" and I will introduce them in May 2019 at the SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems in Snowbird, USA. I will use the money from the award for the journey."

Dr. Alexandra Neamtu, TUM Department for Mathematics

Lisa Amrhein

"I am interested in identifying clonal heterogeneity in cancer tissues mainly in Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). For this, I focus on the statistical analysis and parameterization of transcriptional heterogeneity from mRNA-Seq counts taken from small groups of cells.

I received the Entrepreneurial Award in 2018 and used the support for participating at the “Single Cell Biology” Conference in Hinxton, UK. There, biologists, method developers and computational modelers presented their work on single-cell biology. During the poster sessions I got the chance to show my poster on "Probability distributions for scRNA-Seq data" and discuss it with many interested colleagues.

I will use the remaining part of the money for the Symposia "Single Cells: Technology to Biology" in February 2019 in Singapore. This time I will present a poster on "Stochastic profiling for mRNA sequencing data"." 

Lisa Amrhein, Helmholtz Zentrum München

Sarah Braun

"During my studies, I received several Achievement Awards from the Women in Math Science program, which helped me, among other things, to finance two study visits abroad and to obtain specialized literature. Above all, the award honors and rewards someones own academic achievements. That strengthened my self-confidence and spurred me to embark on my own doctorate after Master's graduation." 

Sarah Braun, Master's graduate of the Department of Mathematics

Entrepreneurial Awards

Every year, we also award the Entrepreneurial Awards to female and male lecturers as part of the Global Challenges for Women in Math Science. Doctoral candidates can apply for the Junior Level; Post-docs, Professors and other faculty members can apply for both the Junior and Senior levels suitable to the described objectives. The awards to which both male and female candidates may apply are marked with " (m/f/d) ".


Junior Entrepreneurial Awards

Doctoral candidates can recieve the following awards:

  • Presentation of research results at an international conference
  • Research stay at an international research institution
  • Research stay at the TUM Center for Mathematics
  • Invitation of a female mathematician for a short research stay of max. 1 month to the TUM Mathematics Department (m/f/d)
  • Financial support for an international female doctoral candidate (m/f/d)


Senior Entrepreneurial Awards

Postdocs, Professors and other members of the Department can apply for these prices:

  • Research stay at an international research institution (max. 2 months)
  • Invitation of an international female mathematician for a research stay of max. 2 month (m/f/d)
  • Financial support for an application to an international granting agency
  • Organisation of a workshop for female mathematicians (m/f/d)

We look forward to receiving your application for the Entrepreneurial Awards of the Global Challenges for Women program in Math Science. Send your documents by e-mail to Prof. Claudia Czado.



  • CV
  • Project's description and motivation (1-2 pages)
  • Invitation letter and guest researcher's CV (if applicable)
  • Conference or workshop program (if applicable)
  • Reference letter
  • Budget plan with estimated costs


Applications must be submitted by December 1st of each year. The selection is made before the Christmas Holidays.

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