FACETS of Mathematicians

Fe*male - generAtions - Culture - intErnational - @TUM - diverSity

FACETS of Mathematicians is a series of events in which we discuss career-related aspects of our mathematical culture. Possible topics are

  • gender distribution,
  • confidence gap,
  • imposter syndrome,
  • diversity and
  • compatability of career and family.

We are happy about everyone joining us. In addition to general events, we might also meet in a smaller group discussion topics on "Women in Math@TUM".



Claudia Scheimbauer

Claudia Scheimbauer

Nada Sissouno

Nada Sissouno

Stefan Weltge

Stefan Weltge


Normally, we meet about once a month in "Fakultätsraum" MI 00.10.011. During the coronavirus pandemic virtual meetings will be held in https://bbb.ma.tum.de/nad-gkf-qc3. The password is available to everyone upon request.


Next event

The next date will be announced shortly.

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FACETS of Mathematicians #4

We are celebrating "Women in Mathematics": Watch the film "Secrets of the Surface: The Mathematical Vision of Maryam Mirzakhani" and talk to us about it!
  • FACETS of Mathematicians #3

    We like to meet you on 29 April virtually for the next FACETS event. The topic is "How to keep in touch in isolation?" during these uncertain times. Everybody is welcome!

  • FACETS of Mathematicians #2

    On 23 January 2020 we will meet at 12:15 pm to discuss the topic "Imposter syndrome". For Women in Math@TUM: Every female (Phd-)student, PostDoc or Professor is welcome.

  • FACETS of Mathematicians #1

    (Female) Mathematicians watch out! On 16 December 2019 we meet for a first Meet & Greet of Women in Math@TUM. Everyone from female student to female professor is welcome.