The Technical University of Munich (TUM) strives for equality and equal opportunities. Human dignity and mutual respect are important cornerstones of our basic principles. Therefore, the TUM follows a Gender & Diversity Strategy, which aims to ensure equal opportunities for all. 

Gender & Diversity Strategy

The Department of Mathematics seeks to increase the percentage of women in all areas. This has been a guiding principle of our development for many years and is consistently implemented. Our aim is to achieve equality, family-friendly work and study opportunities, as well as internationalisation. Read how the department attains these goals in our Diversity Objectives Agreement (in German).

The TUM also centrally supports the Gender & Diversity Strategy through four major services:  TUM.FamilyTUM.Diversity, the Gender Equality Office and the Ombud Office

Equal Opportunity Office

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Equality and equal opportunities

The women's representatives at the TUM seek to support equal opportunities for all sexes. These are your representatives and contacts within the Department of Mathematics:

Support at the TUM

Global challenges for Women in Math Science

The Achievement and Entrepreneurial Awards within the project Global challenges for Women in Math Science support scientific careers of female mathemeticians by creating study and research opportunities. They are awarded to particularly successful students, encouraging and supporting female doctorate and postdoctorate students as well as young female researchers.

Achievement Awards 

The best female students in each year are acknowledged with the Achievement Awards. The prizes are awarded by the Service Office: Studies, based directly on the grades achieved. An application is not necessary.

Entrepreneurial Awards 

Two Entrepreneurial Awards are awarded annually to both female and male lecturers. Applications must be submitted by December 1st of the previous year: Program and application guidelines for the project "Women for Math Science".

Workshop Women in Probability

The scientific program Women in Probability takes place annually. Within the workshop, international female researchers in probability theory report on advances in their field of research. The conference is supported by the program Global challenges for Women in Math Science. Participation is free and visitors of all sexes are welcome.  

Information on the workshop Woman in Probability 2018 can be found here. 

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