Meet My Company

In this event series, students and entrepreneurs enter into conversation with one another: company representatives present their business and sector, as well as the professional areas and entry-level opportunities for mathematicians.


Entrepreneurs report on professional life

The company representatives first give a roughly one hour presentation about their company, the branch in which they are active, the different job opportunities and chances for mathematicians in their field, as well as an insight into the everyday work situation in their company.

Following the presentation, there is an informal get-together, where students and company representatives enter into lively exchange. Here, positive contact can frequently be established with future employees.


Events and costs

Meet My Company takes place around five times per semester. We are always glad to be able organize catering to accompany the get-together on the day of the event. The costs for this are carried by the respective company. In addition, the companies contribute towards the costs of the graduation ceremony in each semester and receive a mention in the invitation, as well as the program. Susanne Deuke (see contact) is happy to provide further information.


Susanne Deuke

Susanne Deuke

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Students and companies in dialogue

Many maths students ask themselves: what do mathematicians actually do within different companies and industries? What qualifications do I need for a job in industry? What will my everyday work consist of? How and when can I enter the business world? What are my further career perspectives? The aim of the event series Meet My Company is to bring students and company representatives together and so try to help answer the above questions and challenges facing both sides.


Place and Time

Meet My Company usually takes place at 4pm in seminar room MI 00.10.011 in the Mathematics Building. Should the time or place vary, then this will be stated alongside the according date. Details of upcoming events and opportunities to register can be found below:

Meet My Company: upcoming events

Here you will find the dates and information about the Meet My Company events in the summer term 2020:

Meet My Company in English?

For most jobs in Germany companies require a suitable knowledge of German. Therefore Meet My Company is normally held in German. If one of the upcoming events is held in English, you can find the announcement and information here. 

Feel free to come to one of the German events, even if you are not totally confident in the language. During the get-together the colleagues from the companies are usually more than happy to answer your questions in English too. You can find all Meet My Company events listed below.

Companies at Meet My Company

Since 2011 the Meet My Company series has presented over 50 events at the TUM and many of the companies take the chance to come regularly. So far our partners are: